True something that rhymes with Grit

Brrrrr I jumped in a taxi in Leicester Square. The roads were practically empty.
Went to see TRUE GRIT, the COEN BROTHERS new film with JEFF BRIDGES and the most irritating young actress I have seen in years.
Mr. Bridges, who is one of my favourites, was unintelligable whilst the young actress was even worse.
I left leaving a dear friend in the dark at the Covent Garden Hotel.

Supper in a restaurant that was too up its own posterior to enjoy a bowl of green beans that cost more than a seven course meal at The Dorchester.
The cold got to me, the film got to me, and now that I am back in the flat I wish I had stayed here instead of wasting my evening.
I intend settling down in front of the telly and drowning my sorrows with home made soup.
night night, keep warm and I hope your day was productive.

1 thought on “True something that rhymes with Grit”

  1. Hello Jeni,
    well done for shopping at Lush. They really do have a social conscience so they get my custom every time. So what have you been doing work wise in the last few weeks ? Since you left LBC I have found it impossible to get through to the presenters, even Petrie.
    Have a lovely cruelty free Christmas,
    Adrian from Bromley.

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