Romper, jump, whatever

I’m square eyed.
Been in front of the pooter all day trying to write a treatment.
I think I’ve done it.
I need to show it to THE BARRY before I break open the lemon juice.

I need to make sure I get out though, there’s something so decadent, delightful and everything else beginning with ‘D’, about staying in my wooly jumpsuit.
Actually I’m not sure it is a jump suit. It’s a two piece light blue top and bottom soft, lounge duo. My lovely Sarah she who makes my table shine, says its more romper than jump.
Whatever I do need to get out more.
By the way check out my TWITTER site. Radio London have done a lovely job….

5 thoughts on “Romper, jump, whatever”

  1. Hey Jen
    Just checked out your new Twitter site….saw the new photo…SWIT SWOO I SAY
    Much love
    Marmite xx

  2. Fab photos Jeni,let’s see you on Twitter lots more,spreading the word far and wide. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get the message across -go for it grrll.

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