Lunatic activity….

It may have been jet-lag, or the fog. It may have been clearing the flat. Too many boxes of shoes.
It may have been adjusting to the cold or dealing with my anger at the smugness of the coalition.
It may have been no sleep too many glasses of bubbly, my own bed, not finding the time to visit important people, or the tan slowly disappearing.
It may have been missing out on one of my favourite gatherings – SORRY NIGEL – for Bee’s physio session, or my gold tooth falling out again, or my new spectacles digging into my nose, it may have been too much telly and not enough meditation.
WHATEVER IT WAS…..I am back now.
Thank you for your remonstrating, if it hadn’t been for you lot, and the lunar activity, I may still have my head up my derrier.
Tomorrow is a NEW DAY, I’m up at 7.00, walking thinking, writing and stocking up on cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, spinach, lemons, raw honey and optimism. I’ll see you there…..

12 thoughts on “Lunatic activity….”

  1. Whatever ‘it’ was, glad to see you are back… Sometimes we need to retreat, it’s good for the soul x

  2. Hello Jeni,
    Great to have you back and thanks for the holiday postcards, felt as though I was there with you! A much deserved holiday and money well spent, your hard earned money I might add!
    Good luck over the coming weeks and months in securing a new contract that will put some more sunshine in your life. If you had ZERO personality and no talent we’d see you on TV all the time, sitting on one of the many sofas, Daybreak, Lorraine, This morning, Loose women,The One Show, Piers Morgan, need I go any further?
    I think, along with all my fellow bloggers that it’s just so unfair that TV Execs don’t snap you up. I’d like to see you as a new neighbour in Corrie, or your own afternoon chat show, “Just Jeni” Here’s hoping!
    Warm regards Hymie xx

  3. Well whatever it was it now seems to be gone thank goodness. You have been missed terribly but everyone now and again needs time, just to be, and you needed that time. Chin up shoulders back….onwards and upwards. Thrilled to have you back xxhugxx

  4. Ah there you are : ) I was beginning to worry and I don’t have much more worry-room left so thank goodness you have resurfaced!
    Stocking up on optimisim is good, save a bit for me for when my cold finally goes and the decorators have been and gone. Life has been so unsettling for so many of us this year.
    Tish and Dardar

  5. Well done Jeni! Good to hear from you and that you have some of that positivity back which we all love!!! Let us know what you are up to…keep in touc!!! Jane from Islington. xxxx

  6. Good to see you back Jeni. Please promise me that whatever happens you never stoop to going in that jungle place..
    X luvnhugs x

  7. HURRAH! -Shop is open for business…So glad to hear you again Jeni, and that your ok. I think we were getting a bit concerned there for a moment. I know the feeling well when it doesn’t just’s a bloody monsoon!
    Iam wishing you the peace and quiet and space to deal with one thing at a time, one day at a time…Blessings.
    Love and Light

  8. Jeni,
    Get rid of the talc as it is very bad. Check it out on google. Please throw it away.
    Really miss you and things just not the same in afternoons.
    Hope to hear your voice soon.

  9. Please, please, please Jeni, are the rumours of you joining the happy campers on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ true? It would be something that many of your fans would love to see. Would you ever consider such an offer?

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