Carravaggios canvas

Not that I understand art or anyfin BUT there are five different kinds of grey over the Pacific today.
Since I wrote that sentence nightime has dscended faster than a gymslip going over an eager school girls head.
I know it’s all to do with the Equator but if you’re not careful the day has gone and there’s nothingt left but rum cocktails and coconut chicken by candlelight.
I can just about make out The Isle of Chora now and it aint even time for the 6.00 clock news.
This morning we had an electricity cut thus leaving us without a kettle and water, since the water pump is run by the local leccy board. It did feel a little like camping in Dimchurch only with a view of the Ocean .

The monochrome landscape is bewitching and according to Freddie and his reading of the moons phases we could be in for a lot more chiaroscuro contrast before we get back to Blighty.
The fireflies are out in force tonight, flashing in the hedhgerows, whilst the crickets are creaking out their evening chorus.
The girl is shouting at the insect invasion in her eyrie, as she tries to write….I can hear her cussing a Costa Rican cockroach.
I picked up a brochure about this area and discovered that we have come here seriously out of season. There will be a Halloween party if we want it- NOT – but otherwise most places are closed until the week we leave. It hasn’t detracted from our holiday though, and there’s still a chance we may still catch some rays through that grey cloud blanket….
Gordon the gecko has started his evening chat and the rain drops are plopping into the plunge pool – so vots new?

3 thoughts on “Carravaggios canvas”

  1. Vots new? is that you are resting both mind and body. So it rains turn it into music for soothing the soul the fireflies are dancing to the tune. You will return refreshed, ready to face the world and with new chapters for the book, oh and some wonderful postcards. Enjoy xxhugxx

  2. Wet, eh? Yeah. But I have to say, this wooded valley I live in has gone a beautiful rich, golden, yellow this month. A tree just down from my house is so red it’s like a fire blazing away at all hours! Really beautiful. Yesterday at work I was looking at the trees in the garden. The one out the front has a stunning mixture of orange, yellow and golden leaves, all falling and spinning down madly. They cover our front garden. Our cars are burried under the drifts of Autumn by the time we go home.
    I’m lucky to work somewhere with 2 gardens. Great Britain is so beautiful.

  3. TREES beautiful trees. It’s very late but I’ve been very busy. It’s Halloween! So I’ve put my broomstick down for five minutes to tell you this…Great minds must think alike, beacause i was sent a web-link the other day. Apparently the government want to sell off over half our National Forests to private firms to generate cash. PLEASE sign this petition on: http://WWW.38DEGREES.ORG.UK/SAVE-OUR-FORESTS. I can’t do a hyperlink in this box, but if you just google the above. You leave your email address and click on ‘sign’ EASY! They need 40 thousand ‘signs’ and they have nearly 30 thousand already!
    I never thought of myself as a ‘tree-hugger,’ but I’d rather be a tree-hugger, than a tree-bugger!
    I have to admit it i adore trees. They are the lungs of the planet and without them we don’t breathe either.
    Every single tree has a purpose. And holds infinite beauty and wisdom.
    If you get a spare moment or two, please anyone sign. It really is people empowering at it’s most positive.
    Don’t be a ‘bugger’ be a ‘hugger!’ –said in the best possible taste….i can get back on my broomstick now Jeni, busy night ahead of me!
    Jeni your probably sitting on the soft sand now with the ocean at your lovely. I hope you and your brood are having a wonderful time…
    Love and Light

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