Spicing up my life

First there was the dresser.
Then there was the pantry.
Today I set about spicing up my life. I bought three little boxes and two mug type containers.
Stripped one cupbarod of Macadamia Oil, Sesame Oil and Vegetable Oil – the sell by dates were SO last century.
Then I emptied the spice cupboard of dead dill, overwrought baking powder and several jars of ineffectual spices that wouldn’t put any hair on any chests that I know.

I went to my clean pantry and filled my little boxes with fennel, coriander and cumin. Decanted new oil into clean bottles and made chile oil by putting six tiny red hot chili peppers into a fancy bottle for the table.
When I discovered that the Bouillon powder had outstayed its welcome by nigh on six years I knew that the balance had been missing in my life.
There does come a time though when cleaning cupboards comes to an end and the real work begins, but as yet I have to do the tea cupboard and the one under the sink which has more pairs of latex gloves than Holby City.
‘Sing’ said Mandy at 8.30 this morning.
She woke me up by telling me I had to sing every day. So I bought two song books that happened to be lying around on Jonathans table. They are now lying on the floor by the red bean bag.
I shall discipline my vocal chords when I get back from Costa Rica, and I will write every day. The ‘oosbind said that if I finish my book he’ll let me get a dog…Now aint that some kind of incentive? Talkinh of which I asked him if he would put a light under one of the kitchen cupboards. We took a trip to Sainsbury’s Homebase – it is not somewhere that fills me with awe. There’s something worrying about all the displays looking like an advert between Coronation Street. I walked through the car park to the food store. Buying two bags of coriander from Sainsbury’s herb department finally broke my spirit. In London you can buy big bunches of coriander for less than the minimum wage. In Tunbridge Wells a bag of coriander, about fifteen stalks, costs 79p. If they can flog chicken for tuppence a bag what are they doing pricing green leaves at the rate of 23 carot gold?
My gewnius DIY’er fixed the light under the cupboard, it’s warm and comforting, now when I sit and eat my mung bean soup I can gaze into an amber glow.
I am going downstairs now to sit at trhe feet of the handyman who is watching AN IDIOT ABROAD. I nearly like it but not a lot…

5 thoughts on “Spicing up my life”

  1. Hello Jeni,
    Love the bit about ‘latex gloves from Holby City’ you have a knack for writing that always makes me laugh.
    Sainsbury Homebase! I know exactly what you mean, you put into words what I always thought when entering their doors.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for making me smile, again and again and…..
    Hymie x

  2. I have been reading your blog, as like many others I do miss hearing your perception on life, love and the universe from 1-4. It has made me smile as I too am at a loose end; looking for work but finding my time filled with cleaning cupboards,the loft, warbrobes – every little corner and niche has been disturbed by my constant need to detox my life. I have even taken to wiping the tops of my kitchen cupboards weekly! Now that does signify true unrest in my soul. But the thrill I have when I wander back to said cleaned area and gaze in wonder at the ‘ordileness’ (???) I can only say I am filled with hope. Hope that once I have cleared every area of my life that has been neglected for so long I can move on to bigger and better things. I just hope you feel the same. x

  3. Can you believe John Lennon would have been 70 today? Impossible. I still think he was a great bloke. Not the saint people made him out to be after he was killed, but still someone a bit special.

  4. Hi Jeni
    Hope you’re having a great time? On one of your programmes the topic was music and I texted in about the Irish Romantic composer John Field. You wrote down his name and put it in your purse! : ) Have you managed to get hold of the Nocturnes yet? Amazing. Naxos do them in 2 single CDs at about a fiver a pop. Let me know what you think. They are the perfect soundtrack for domestic Goddessnessness – and pretty much everything else! If you’re feeling flush get the 2nd piano concerto too – musical bliss. Mark x

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