Finchley Road

Walked through Battersea Park this morning, the air was as crisp as a newly baked roll. The sky peeked through the sycamore trees and I felt energised. It was like walking through Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.
Got to work in time for a chat and a cuppa, did the show then set off to North London for a healing from Seka Nikolic.

I like North London, I went to drama school in Hampstead. I lived in Frognal, Seka’s rooms are practically opposite where I lodged in 1968. The Finchley Road is just as it always was, lots of people, loads of restaurants and a good deal of noise. I love it. On the way back I decided to go into an estate agent to view some cheaper flats in the area. The father and son from Iraq, were gentle and helpful. Sybil, my soothsayer, says I’m not leaving Battersea. Which is OK by me, I just need to make enough money to stay here, if I don’t then Finchely Road here I come.
Seka laid her hands on me did something bio-energetically and booked me in for another session tomorrow and Friday. She said I would be hungry and tired. I’ve just eaten my way through a mound of seaweed and a ton of salad, my eye lids are fighting to stay open so she was right on both counts….I am interviewing her next week.
Took the tube to Waterloo, elbowed my way through the commuters to the 6.27 train. Out at Clapham Junction, dying for the lavatory so took the 170, home just in time then into my pj’s by 7.30.
The husband is coming up to London tomorrow to meet a man about a film. The daughter is writing and I’m going to North London for more bio-energetic healing.
To the dear girl who thought todays show was boring I am sorry, only there are those who think otherwise. So to Louise in Camden, listen again maybe I can excite you…..
September season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, I think thats why I’ve got belly ache too many ripe plums. I wonder whether Keats had too many mellow, yellow plums. It’s the skins apparently that give you indigestion. Oh! Whatever! I like nothing better than a pair of ripe plums to take my mind off the mortgage….

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  1. We Westerners need to keep an open mind about any form of ancient/chinese medicine. They (we) seem to forget that we didn’t know what electricity was 200 years ago. There are more types of energy to be discovered who knows maybe in another 200 years we’ll discover something equally as exciting!

  2. You paint such wonderful pictures Jeni, To me September is the start of the wonderful morning dew settled on cobwebs enabling us to see the fine work created by our spiders. xxhugxx

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