Third Chapter here I come

I interviewed a writer who gets up at 5.00 every morning, writes for three hours, takes a walk on the Heath, then writes a bit here and there throughout the day.
I need to follow in her footsteps, but I am bushed. I am also lazy and frayed.
This evening I have homework to do, loads of books to read.

The daughter is getting better. The old git is arriving in London at 1.00a.m. this evening and I am as full as a grazing cow. I have eaten so much marrow and salad I feel like a wheelbarrow full of grass cuttings.
The coalition are beginning to make me feel anxious. They are so nice when they talk about the cuts. I cannot believe that the mass of Brits will let them get away with what they are planning. As the rich get richer and the poor get slammed nobody seems to be saying anything
I think we have all turned to sago.
This morning I had acupuncture, Monica calmed my spirit and stuck needles in my extremeties, I am now ready for bed.
The dog is barking on the balcony, the sun is shining on the river and if I have the courage I am going to open up my third chapter and do some writing. So take a deep breath and
Here goooooes….

3 thoughts on “Third Chapter here I come”

  1. If you put a marrow on its side, (don’t worry, this isn’t the start of a dirty joke) cut along the top, and scoop out the seeds, pack it full of brown sugar, replace the top and seal it up, leave for a few months, my uncle Gwyl swears you end up with the best rum ever.
    Course, he was a boxer, so who knows. His wife thinks theres something else that goes in the sugar as well but they couldn’t agree.
    Sounds better than eating it, anyway.

  2. We westerners are quiteclose minded about any form of ancient/chinese medical teachings. They (we, I am British) seem to forget that we didn’t know what electricity was 150 years ago. Ibelieve there are more forms of energy to be found and I think we should think about science from as many angles as possible.

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