Operation operation…..

From osteopath to MRI. From MRI to hospital. From the fracture ward to the neurological centre. From the single room to the operating theatre. From 10.59 to 5.21 on the operating table. From Sunday without Morphine to Tuesday without Wolferine to Wednesday with a splint for the foot. If I hold my breath long enough my daughter will be out and lounging around the cottage.
When she’s here I can let my breath out and begin being normal.
Your support, your comments, your prayers, have been incredible.
Am I shredded? Sort of I am more relieved that it’s all over with.
From the surgeons to the care assistants the NHS have performed miracles with a piece of string and tuppence.
Enough I have to make up a bed in the spare room now for the homecoming chicklet.
talk soon.

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  1. Hello Jeni,
    Been away for a few weeks and have just read the last few weeks blogs. My God, what a time you’ve had… Jim and B must thank their ‘lucky stars’ to have you in their lives! Well done! I bet you’re about ready for some kind of holiday very soon?
    Thank you for making me smile and forget my own troubles.
    Just about to read the last of 16 books by M.C. Beaton ‘Agatha Raisin’ detective stories. You and everyone else should read them as they’re brilliant, funny and so true to life, especially for men and women over 50.
    You, actually remind me of Agatha (a little bit)
    Anyhow, I’m glad that you Jim and B have survived the traumas of recent weeks and hope good health continues for you all.
    Warm regards and thanks again for always having the knack to cheer me up and entertain.
    David xx

  2. Dear Jeni. How wonderfull that the Chicklet is comming home again! Oh it must be such a relief for you to be getting B home and fixing up the spare bedroom for her to sleep in! It must be like a weight lifted off your shoulders Jeni. We have all been wondering and praying that everything would turn out OK for your family at last, Just hope the oosbind Jim is feeling better after falling down the steps recently. Give B a big Hug from Myself and from Gordon who is down in the Isle of Wight for a weeks rest at his sisters in Bembridge as we have been keeping our fingers crossed for you all. With all good wishes and Love to you and your Family Jeni.Terryxx

  3. Oh Jeni you came through this and still have your wonderful humour, well done you. Hope chicklet is home under your wing very soon. Big hug xxhugxx

  4. Very good news, that. All you need now is time. Healing takes time so deep breath and battle on. We’re all with you.

  5. I can only imagine how youve been feeling, having a chicklet of my own i sympathise, watching them in distress is rotten. Hoping things do soon return to normal for you all. Bless you Jeni.

  6. Was wondering what had happened to you, Jeni, when I tuned in to LBC and you weren’t there. Now I’ve read your blogs I realise what a traumatic time you and your family have been through over the past few weeks.
    Sending healing thoughts to your husband and daughter.
    I trust they are both over the worst and on the mend.
    Looking forward to hearing you back on the radio soon. Your show is the highlight of my day.
    Best wishes from a loyal fan.

  7. Glad it all went well but even gladder (I know it’s not a real word but it should be) B has given up smoking!!!!
    Much love
    Marmite xx

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