Get Well Soon

Whilst the world spins I am in a spin trying to get my daughter better. The old man’s back is mending but B’s foot is still dead. An MRI scan on Wednesday, and hospital consultations with Doctors who have about as much compassion as a frozen gerbil.
All this makes for a fearful, tense time. I am having to have another week off to help the girl. If I could take her pain away I would, as it is I just have to stand by and assist in whatever way I can.

3 thoughts on “Get Well Soon”

  1. Dear Jeni.Just back from my break in Bad Salzuflen the health spa in Westfallen in Germany. Oh it was 37 degrees most of the time and all one could do was rest in cafes drinking eis caffe or lovely ice creams. im so sorry to hear about B.s Foot being so bad Jeni! Its such an awfull thing when one gets such severe pain and there seems little one can do to ease the suffering, But im sure your doing your best for B and i hope the Ultrasound will be positive in getting the docs to do something about it and get it cured! Good Luck B We will remember you in our prayers in Darkest Putney Heath. also we hope that Jim,s back will soon be better! Please wish them both our love and wishes for them to get better! Its a trying time for you Jeni, But im sure your doing the right thing! Good For You! I pray that all this will soon seem just a distant memory and you will all be a well happy family together again . Much Love Terry and Gordon XX

  2. If l.b.c. are worth their salt they will understand. If they don’t, shame on them. We have many jobs in our lifetime but only one family, our responsibility is to them. Fortunately, my boss always says family comes first. How lucky am I?
    I hope all goes well for your girl, Jen.

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