Birthday Season

The weekend went by in a flash.
Bella’s birthday on Thursday, John’s birthday on Friday, Anitas birthday bash on Saturday, Nick’s birthday on Sunday, Sasha and Brigits birthday today, Barbara’s on Wednesday, Louis’ on Friday, Thank God Hilda died otherwise it would have been a full house. Time it was I used to buy birthday cards in bulk, now I make a phone call.
Talking of which Jim’s touring has meant we have tripled our phone bill. He doesn’t know yet.

He’s in Reading for two days, Windsor for two days, then we eat in Docklands on Friday after which we are both off for a weekend in the cottage. A proper three night affair. I can’t remember when we had three nights together in our own home.
I went to my acupuncturist this evening who stuck three needles in my head to calm me down. She said I needed a holiday I really should have taken one sooner but I am so bad at organising myself and anyway I wanted my break to coincide with the old gits performance free days.
We were going to Ibiza, then Italy. France was on the cards and possibly Valencia. But when it comes to it, every year I am stuck as to what to do. People ask me what do I want from a holiday.
Sun, sand, sea and a good deal of people watching. I don’t need a cottage in the wilderness that’s what I have in my home. I need to hear foreigners speaking foreign whilst they sip coffee under an azure blue sky.
I fancy taking my little red car on the ferry, and driving on the wrong side of the road to somewhere pretty and Gallic. But I’ve got to convince the old man that travelling with me in my two seater is better than sitting in a traffic jam on the M25.
It’s time to shut up shop and get writing, then bed. He should be home soon. I’ve made him a ridiculous casserole with pea and ham soup, root vegetables and osso bucco. Why? Because I can. By the time the onions, garlic and carrots have got all squashy and the soup has reduced to a thick gloopy gravy it will be a delicious mess.
I shall not partake as I have reading to do, and however much I love my husband he can keep his pork chop to himself. I need to catch up on the 33 books I haven’t finished and relax in my newly laundered sheets.
Happy Birthday to all my Cancerians…
and a good night to you all.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Season”

  1. Mick’s b’day was on the 2nd and mine is 17th so we are crabby together 🙂
    We too are in a quandary about where to have a holiday and seem to have the same criteria as you – also live in the middle of nowhere. Are we sharing a brain or is it the collective unconscious at work?

  2. Hi Jeni,
    Forgot to mention that, last week, 3 of us drove a red transit from London to Berlin and back. 31 degrees and no AC but what fun!!
    Chrissie xx

  3. Dear Jeni. What a lot of birthdays you have at the moment! I think youll have to raid Clintons for all those b cards plus dont forget a sympathy card for the old lady who died! Im enjoying staying with my cousin at the Beach Colony in Malibu. It seems cooler than at home in Putney Heath as the wind off the ocean is nearly always gently blowing. Im being just lazy drinking Pimms on the wooden terrace or soaking in the outdoor hot tub This is the life.Yesterday we all went to lunch at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills then did some rather expensive shopping in Rodeo drive and i could not belive what i saw in Prada! Oh Jeni it was you!! I walked up to get a very close look and i said to my cousin Im sure this is Jeni Barnett who is on LBC Radio back home in London. Then a man came in to the shop and went up to this Jeni Barnett Doppelganger and said Mavis youve spent enough time in here lets get off home! oh we were laughing till it hurt when theyd left the shop! you dont have a Sister called Mavis in LA do you Jeni??? you certainly have a perfect lookalike there. We later went to The Beverly Hills Hotel and had drinks by the rooftop pool then we went back home to Malibu for my Cousin Victors Birthday party. i hope that you can find yourself a nice holiday destination jeni and Jim your Oosbind.When i get back to Putney on Friday i have only 2 days then on 12th its off for two weeks to a spa town called Bad Salzuflen and the little hotel is really Cheap only 16 euro per night including german Breakfast Very Good value and free concerts in kur park and the air in the Asenburg and obenburg Forests are like wine. i always feel well there. my dad was in charge of entertainment for the BAOR the Army and also there Chaplin and i lived there for 3 years so thats why i love the place so much. Anyway Jenni, greetings from Malibu and Love to all your Family who must make you feel really proud Jeni. Love tou you all and your faithful blog comenters! Terry X

  4. lol im the 8th my daughter the 9th my son the 10th of july what a great have touched nearly every subject that revolves around my life amazing in your talk ins.great shows.

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