1 thought on “Easy Cameron and easy go…..”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    I’m bemused and even more worried than I was before the election. Yes, Mr & Mrs David Cameron-Clegg. The thing that really got to me yesterday was that there is only one! woman in the new cabinet, Teresa May, the other 22 are men..
    Margaret Thatcher surrounded herself with men (1979 to 1991) and look how that turned out in the end. Tony Blair brought more women to cabinet and the last few years have seen around 6 or 7 women in goverment. As a man I’m shocked and a bit disgusted that women, in 2010 are not seen as worthy, credible or inteligent enough to take an equal share of the 23 positions in goverment. In my previous working life I had the privelage of working under three, female bosses and they were brilliant, hard working, dedicated people who had their finger on the pulse and made a massive contribution in making our bussiness the great success it became. As a result I was able to retire on a decent pension at age 50. A friend of mine who is now 55, in a similar business, with male bosses will have to work until 60, probably becuase the said male bosses have non of the qualities of the above mentioned women. To conclude, what kind of message does this send out to the nations telented young women? that whatever you aspire to be you will never quite make it to the top jobs!
    I look forward to watching the saga unfold and a further election within the next twelve months.
    Regards to all who have similar thoughts to me.
    Hymie x

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