Building Jeff Bridges

I had a massage last night which included a guided meditation and a re-arranging of my ankle.
This morning it hurt so much I had to take three Nurofen. By this afternoon the pain and misery of months seems to have past. Apparently the tendon was pulling across the liver meridian which is all about anger.
I nearly know what I’m talking about, but only just, I couldn’t be more angry at not being able to walk, let alone run.
I have no idea what my Dula does but whatever she does the Dula does it good.
I have a dry ache now in my foot but I was able to walk jolly quickly to Victoria to pick up the 170.
Dry snow – little polystyrene balls- dropped out of the sky, caught in my faux fur coat this morning, this evening the snow flakes were bigger I had to tie a scarf around my neck I looked like a Conservative candidate from the royal Borough of TWells.
I shopped for groceries and am about to make a stir-fry and settle down with some thoughts.
Tomorow I’m going to a Q/A with Jeff Bridges.He’s the only man I would leave the old git for, apart form George Clooney, Andy Serkis, Jermaine Defoe, Ry Cooder, Thierry Henri and Gino de Campo…..I’m off now to chop my vegetables and still my beating heart.

2 thoughts on “Building Jeff Bridges”

  1. Admit it Jen, apart from the cute, gap tooth smile the reason you like Jermain Defoe is that he might actually be one of the few men in the world who’s smaller than you! Fnaar Fnaar.
    Luvnhugs Fee xx

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