chins up

When a theatre show and film are so bad you have to leave in the middle the only way to recover is to watch Gino de Campo on ‘Celebrity’ . It’s not normally my drug of choice but Gino and Sabrina at least make me feel colourful and alive.
Coffee makes me jumpy, bread makes me bloated, chocolate makes me sick what’s left?
Exactly not lot, so a little indulgence of the ‘Ant&Dec’ kind is just what the doctor ordered.
Do not go and see ‘The Road’ if you want to sleep peacefully in your beds. It’s more depressing than a wet Sunday afternoon in Margate when the only option is a soggy battered bream in a dirty chip shop on the front with a sound track of an organ playing down beat versions of Andrew lloyd Webber.
God I’ve depressed myself even further.
I am going to bed.