Back to the grindstone

Its been tricky getting back into the swing of work. Yesterdays show was clunky and a bit doddery.
Today I was up at 6.30.
I meditated, with difficulty, stilling my mind was an effort. Then I put my OHI exercise CD on, the American voice took me back to Lemon Grove, as the wind whistled over the Thames and the leaves battered the balcony I closed my eyes, worked the booty and thought of San Diego.
I left the flat at 8.15 and walked briskly to Leicester Square.

I pre-recorded an interview with Duncan James from ‘Blue’ and then Martin Freeman from ‘The Office’. Both delightful young men.
I bought some hot chestnuts and peeled and ate them on the way to Waterloo. I caught the 4.37 to the Junction. The old man collected me, we parked and then walked to The Kings Road to see the Coen brothers new film ‘A Serious Man’.
I fell asleep, the seats were so uncomfortable even Jim tossed and turned, the tickets were too pricy, given that I can see most films for free as a Bafta member, when I asked the usherette could we have got in on an OLD ticket she replied.
‘Yes, but you can’t be old at weekends.’
I ate too many chocolate covered almonds, didn’t engage with the film and the walk back, against the wind was invigorating and knackering.
Two slices of French bread with tomatoes later, a quick drink and then bed.
Tomorrow we’re going to see ‘Christmas Carol’ at the Arts Theatre. I hope it’s good.