Socks away

I’ve just stepped out of the bath.
I can feel the warmth of the hot water in my bones.
Everybody I know is busy and I’m left with such tiredness that I can’t get my dander up to write.
I keep putting it off.
I have tomorrow off – not needed for the budget – so I will begin then. Well more of a continuation.
I walked into Leicester Square today.
The daffodils are all but dead but the smell of new leaves was everywhere.
Said hello to five people who all responded. Didn’t feel like England.
After the show I walked back to Victoria and took the bus.
Isn’t life strange backwards and forwards and yet every day is your last before the next.
I think I am a bit of an adrenalyn junkie – when I’m doing the show there’s nothing to think about but making it work. When it’s over its just you and the empty space around you.
A bloke called Jeremy Sock wrote a really anti-semitic email to me today. I was tempted to write back and say put a sock in it but I had an image of a really bitter and twisted, lonely bloke with nothing in his life but cyber bullying. Poor sod.
Well that’s that. I have so many books to read where to begin?
Today I interviewed GPTaylor, a garrulous ex-priest who was a scallywag at school and is now a best-selling author. He goes into schools and tells stories – unpaid – just to get children fired up to read and he succeeds. That’s what we need more free inspiration.
What’s for you wont go past you……

3 thoughts on “Socks away”

  1. I didn’t realise there was still anti-semitic feelings around. I mean what the hell is wrong with some people? You know, it really makes me mad. Bigotry is bullying and bullying is nothing but thick headed cowardice.
    I’ve just got this moody computer back up and running and the first thing I read is bloody idiots like that are still with us.
    He needs to read history. Gods chosen the Israel nation for a reason. If the rest of creation can’t deal with it, too bad.
    I know theres a load of racism in this world, more all the time by the looks of it, but come on, it’s only a little planet, we’ve got to get on and look after each other. Is that so hard?
    Sorry, Jen, on behalf of all gentiles.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Just wanted to say you sound a bit low, so be kind to yourself, it will pass.
    I love ‘what’s for you won’t go past you’. I’ve not heard that before. It’s true, over the last few months a dream job (voluntary) just fell into my lap, out of the blue. I never dreamt I would be doing what I’m doing, in my sixties.
    I try to look for a ‘gem’ each day and today was a tree full of white blossom, it was just glorious.
    Thinking of you Jeni.
    Love June

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