Party, party, party

I watched the video today of me on the first ever broadcast from Leicester Square.
I’m not being funny but when I saw it I nearly threw in the towel. Now that I have a face for radio I think I had better keep it that way.
If I had known they were bringing in the cameras I would have worn a bra, combed my hair, tightened my chin and trowled a bit of slap on.
Still, it’s there in all its raw glory. Do watch it if only to howl in horror at what appears before you.

I was a little off today. My headphones haven’t been fixed yet, as it stands I can’t hear very well with their headphones.
The topics were okay and you lot were terrific but I was all at sixes and sevens.
The office we work in is big, very big. It’s noisy, very noisy, and the desk we all sit at is cramped.
When I walk up and down to go to the kitchen or the lavatory, I feel like I’m in an episode of THE OFFICE.
All the girls have tried to make their desk space their own with sparkly, dangly bits and cuddly toys, bottles of drink and blue tacked pictures.
It looks like a call centre. Floor after floor of people trying to buy advertising space. Young things with earphones in, Ipods, Blackberries, touch feely laptops. I feel like a bloomin’ dinosaur.
Having written my LBC blog I dashed off to get to Hammersmith for a voice over.
It’s been one of them days I had four biscuits and 7 handfuls of green and brown jelly beans, I was bored ….
Did the voice over – BORING – and walked very quickly to meet a friend at The Lyric Theatre on King Street. We hugged and set off for Leicester Square and the Premier of AUSTRALIA the new Baz Luhrmann film with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.
Karen and I talked over the noisy tube and then dismounted at South Ken. because somebody had done something silly further down the line. We took the circle to Embankment and then power walked to get to the Square in time for the opening of the film.
Karen wore smart casual and I was wearing trainers and crap casual – well I didn’t have time to get to the flat and change. We arrived with minutes to spare.
Could we get to the entrance of the Odeon?
There were crowds of people for the red carpet, cameras, journos, security guards and wittering women.
We walked the perimeter and finally found the way into the cinema. Showed our tickets and alongside several be-spangled premier goers we sat down in row V.
Walking the red carpet was fun. The pile was deep and the colour really was a good tomato red. No they didn’t take pictures of me, watch the video and see why, anyway I was wearing my plimsolls.
Every seat had a free bag of popcorn ( yes I ate two, one slowly and the other really quickly as Hugh Jackman rescued the boys from the mission.)
One big bar of Galaxy milk chocolate ( yes I ate half of mine because Nicoles botoxed lips so disturbed me I had to comfort eat, she looked like she had a gum shield in ).
There were also free bottles of water to douse the steamy thoughts set up by Mr. Jackmans huge biceps.
The film is a trubute to Oz, but it can’t make its mind up what kind of film it is. Rom Com, cowboy, travelogue or musical, its long and ridiculously over the top, I fell asleep at the beginning, but when I woke up I really enjoyed it. I had a jolly good cry, Jackman snogging Kidman’s mouse mouth must be the highlight of the year. It’s tender and sexy but I wished I hadn’t eaten quite so much chocolate cos I felt a little queasy.
It finished late and I semi-jogged, in the freezing cold air, right down to Green Park, loved it. Lots of trees have Christmas lights in, sparkly and festive.
I grabbed a cab, driven by one of the best looking men I’ve seen in years, although I think I may have had Hugh Jackman lingering in my lenses.
Gave the rogue a tip, ran upstairs, let myself in and the clock said 10.30.
You know working in Leicester Square is naughty it feels like party, party, party.
Tomorrow though it’s the acupuncturist and early to bed why?
Watch the video and you’ll see.
sleep well and

2 thoughts on “Party, party, party”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’ve kept up with your blogs. Wow, what a great year it’s been for you. It’s amazing what you’ve achieved and how you’ve pushed yourself through the tough times. Bye the way, I love the video – despite the lack of a make up and wardrobe department, your personality shines through. And while LBC is super and the talk back is surely rewarding work, I’d love to see you again on the small screen. What about learning to dance in the jungle or diary room and sharing a kitchen with Whitney Houston? You’d be hilarious I’m sure!
    Anywhoo, I’m on route to Melbourne where I’m getting out of the cold and damp for a couple of weeks. Will continue to follow the yellow blog road…
    love, Glenn

  2. Don’t be silly you’re natural and you’re lovely. I watched a certain quiz programme this afternoon which I haven’t seen for yonks, and I was mesmerised by one of the presenters (she’s good at sums) – I couldn’t take my eyes off her, wondering what on earth she had done to herself and how many ops/treatments she had had. What she said or did was completely overtaken by the false persona and the coy looks at camera.
    You’re all gorgeous woman Jen, don’t beat yourself up!
    Love xx Fee xx

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