Lewisham Nights

It’s a perfect day for staying in and reading the papers, doing the ironing in front of the radio, watching telly and sleeping in my own bed.
The rain is lashing down. It’s driving in from the South, on a slant, battering the clematis on the cottage wall.
The Virginia Creeper on the spruce tree in the garden is clinging on for dear life.
The heatings on.
My feet are freezing, I’ve left my red wooly socks downstairs, and my belly is rumbling.
It’s gone 11.00 and I havn’t been downstairs yet.
When I woke up this morning I remembered I had done an ‘Audience With…’ which meant a real day of rest, no worrying, no panic, no flutterings, just a day of reading, eating, watching and probably a long hot bath.

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Sweet nothings

Two sweet potatoes in the oven. One sweet man coming to the flat with my new dungarees and red dress. One sweet acupuncturist who has calmed me down for tomorrow. Hundreds of sweet calls, messages & texts from people wishng me well. A thousand sweet butterflies in my stomach. A million sweet blessings to you … Read more