Hard hats and microphones

How can a person lose an earring twice within as many weeks.
And they are fine earrings. I’ve looked in my drawers – chest of – under the dresser, in my clothes. It has jostled me.
But it is now bedtime. I have done me bit today.
I’ve got blisters from wearing size 3 wellington boots, I’m size four.
Heat rash from wearing a mans sized yellow anorak with zipper.
Itchy follicles from wearing a white hard hat on my little hard head, all in preparation for a life times experience of seeing a shopping city before it opened.
WESTFIELD is big, so big you could spend an entire life time there and still come out with exactly the same shopping that you can get in Bluewater, Thurrock, Chelmsford and Galway.
Still I am one of those folk that has divided opinion about WESTLIFE…..sorry WESTFIELD.

A tall man name Matt, Dan, LBC’s very own reporter Toby Anstis, and myself, were given a guided tour of the massive shopping experience, otherwise known as WESTFIELD.
Mr. Mayor is opening it on Thursday. There will be celebrities, champers, hangers on, but mostly there will be a shopping city opening up near Hammersmith.
Dan Freedman taught me how to work the tape recorder, then holding a whopping great microphone with a big pop-sock on it I interviewed Lindsey and Zoe, two young things that are getting the building ready for Thursday.
3,000 Eastern European builders and me wandered the miles of marbled, beech-wooded corridors of the gargantuan shopping city known as WESTFIELD.
My blisters are a testimony to the size of the joint. It’s like Centre Parks without the chalets.
If you like shopping, eating, shopping, moving stairways, shopping and eating then WESTFIELD is an ideal day out for you.
Not only am I interviewing Sir Michael Parkinson tomorrow I will be giving you the life experience known as WESTFIELD.
I bet Sir Michael never thought he would be upstaged by a shop.
But now I have to nurse my poorly feet and go to bed.

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