Skating on thin ice

One of the most prominent members of the Inuit community, Aqqaluk Lynge pleaded for an end to the expansion of Stansted Airport back in May 2006. His testimony, along with several other Innuit Elders, revealed how 5,000 years of living in the Arctic was being compromised by Global Warming.
People are dying as their world is thawing around them. They truly are skating on thin ice.
Bears are compromised. Good old Sarah Palin shrugs off the threat of their extinction by ingenuously declaring;
‘Oh! They’re okay they’ll adapt to living on the land.’
It’s a pity she hasn’t.
Our Government, that I voted in, are happily giving BAA the go ahead to extend the airport so that 35 million more of us will be taking to the skies adding to the problem.
Just when will they listen.

Protestors protest, and yet nothing is done.
Activists act and yet nothing is done.
Fighters fight and still nothing is done.
At what point will those smug bustards in Whitehall listen to the people.
Kitty, phoned LBC from a village near Heathrow. Dear Kitty, who in December faces being removed from her house for a third runway.
Kitty is elderly and disabled she does not want to move to ‘Yorkshire or Cornwall, I like it here.’ she said distressed. ‘This is my home.’
I sit in my little studio talking about Stansted and I hope, in some small way, I am having an affect.
What do you think about it? I should like to hear your views.
Surely it cannot go on that those damn men in their grey suits get their way all the time. I’m all of a dither because of it.
So ofadither I had to make myself some Rooibosh tea, with two slices of spelt bread toast. God if I don’t sound like a tree-hugging hippie Terry Wogan hasn’t kissed the Blarney stone.
It’s not just Stansted that has fired me up, today I learnt that Rob the agent runs to music. He has always done so. He even tells me that Nike has music to run to. I was agog with excitement.
The half Marathon RUN TO THE BEAT had 16 bands playing alongside the runners. 13.1 miles of rhythm.
So I phoned the old git and told him to go to our bedroom and on the little BETHANY chair that Frisby gave us when she was born there is a green, white and red handbag my electrical treasure trove.
It contains all my electrical apparatus. I say ALL my electrical stuff, my stash of technology is; an Ipod, two free speakers from Asda a CD player that doesn’t work and some dollars from my last trip to America. – worthless now no doubt..
But I intend to make myself a play list of runnable toons. Toons that will up my heart rate, lower my cholesterol, heighten my passion and increase my tolerance.
All being well after a few runs with my very own top ten I’ll be able to up the tempo in time for LBC’s move to Leicester Square.
OH! Yes! It’s going to be all West End Central from December.
Coffee in Soho.
Lunch in Covent garden
Dinner in China Town
And not an air mile in sight.
Talk to me about Stansted I need to know your opinions
and I’ll

4 thoughts on “Skating on thin ice”

  1. Hello Fellow Tree Hugger,
    You have hidden depths Kid and your passionate naration today made me realise only too well that you care very much about what goes on in this greedy, sick world. The decision of “Buff” Hoon makes us realise what a vile , unprincipled creep he and his brown nosed grovelling terd flunkies are. Thank goodness we will never stoop as low as them. I shudder at the thought. I will be contacting “Buff” and the grand lad Graham Thompson from Plane Stupid to offer my support to the latter. I will also contact Friends Of The Earth to see if they can be moved to take this important issue seriously. When I joined them in 1973 they were full of enthusiasm for all things environmental but as most of them are carnivores I am not convinced of their commitment – not even slightly. To Hell with all the silent armchair campaigners – we don’t need them but we do need firebrands like you.
    You’re lovely,
    Adrian from Bromley.

  2. Well.the old tart had got her gander up ! God help the suits is all I say, and you go girl……
    It’s about time somebody told the WORLD HOW IT REALLY IS, AND NOT WHAT THE SUITS SAY IT IS.

  3. I quite agree with you about Stanstead airport. How many more planes can they keep sending up? We live on the flightpath they takes in both Stanstead and Luton and have noticed the exculation in the amount of extra planes each day – goodness only knows where in the sky all these extra planes will go. This is apart from the damage that is being done on the ground. Unfortunately I missed your show yesterday, but, how many more Kitty’s are there out there being forced out of their houses just so jo public can take to the skies. It is time to put a limit on air travel, there are plenty of places to see in this country or in Europe – now easily accessible by our wonderful train service.
    Just one last point – How long is it before our skies become as conjested as the roads – we all know the consequences of road conjestion but the skies have one big flaw – our aircraft have not, so far, been built with the ability to park while the queue goes down!

  4. Hi Jeni
    The sad thing is we have all been given this beautiful world but really don’t want to inconvenience ourselves too much, if at all, to keep it beautiful.
    If we did not use air travel as much as we do, extra runways would not be built.
    It’s all of us who dictate to goverments, but we are ALL to lazy and selfish to give up the things we want/enjoy.
    How much longer can we go on like this?
    Love June

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