A life in the weak of……

On Monday I met up with a glittering woman who bought me a Nepalese meal and talked to me about writing and publishing.
On Tuesday I met up with a clear-headed woman who talked to me about stand-up and shaping a show.
On Tueday night I met up with a woman who talked to me of cameras, perfume, ideas and Antigua, she was so fast talking and exciting I was exhausted by the second bottle of Rose.
On Wednesday I met up with two women who who talked to me of stage and screen, lighting and fear, we worked through ideas for AN AUDIENCE WITH ME….they called it workshopping, I called it Knackering.
It’s now 22.56 and I so miss writing my blogs but there are just so many brain cells to go round.
I need my bed.
I promise when THIS AUDIENCE THINGY is over I shall have time to write, until then it’s just a little blog to remind you I am here and you are there.
sleep tight…..

2 thoughts on “A life in the weak of……”

  1. Hi, loving the blog, still hating Market Kitchen ;o) Please tell me where can one purchase these wonderful sounding dalmatian dungarees? Thanks AJ

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