From Camelot to Cornwall.

Today Sanjeev Bhaska talked about his role in SPAMALOT.
I went last night with BB to see the show. I always thought the Palace theatre was huge. Actually it’s quite small and sweet with wonderful ceilings.
There were two hysterical moments in the evning and Sanjeev was totally charming on stage.

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Do the Locomotion

The rain has lifted the humidity.
I have enjoyed the heat though.
I travelled through London with the roof down on my car, the 30 degree sun pounding down. I played Stevie Wonder very loudly on my car stereo and wondered why I was SUCH an exhibitionist.
Had tea with my agent on his balcony – the Gherkin to the left of us – and arrived back at the flat in time for Coronation Street which I forgot to watch.

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Marrakech – Part Five

Marnie and Will sent us photographs of their Riad in Marrakech.
Beautifully clean.
I felt SO hard done by.
Jim says I will never be able to have a good holiday because I don’t know how to relax and because I want everything to be perfect.
My nephew says I don’t know how to have a good holiday because I am not practiced in it.
I had my first holiday, in England, when I was 35.
My brother and I were not shown how to have a good time, it’s not my parents fault they weren’t shown how to paint the town red either.

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Road to Marrakech – Part Two

Waking up to the call to prayer made a change from the East Sussex starlings. Our room overlooked the garden with two tortoises an array of plants and an old fishing net.
Once we got the electricity back we could see that our room was big, the bed semi-soft, the shower cubicle red earth colour, whilst one wall in the bedroom was tastefully covered in mutli-coloured woven bamboo.
The wavy lines, however, were not conducive to sunstroke, local beer belly or extreme exhaustion. It was like post boat spin when you’ve travelled to Zebrugga and back in a force 8 gale and then have to interview Mr. Roy Hattersly at the House of Commons – but that’s another story.

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Apart from sun stroke, food poisening, exhaustion, and shock, I am very well thank you. Once I have unpacked, mowed the lawn, done the accounts, sorted my washing, driven to London, found the post box key, paid the bills and emptied my head I will be back to normal. See you then.