Breaking The Mould

I’ve been derrier over decolletage today.
I now know what breaking the mould means. This morning, after taking my gum shield off the plaster cast of my teeth, so that I could bleach them gently with my dentist’s approval, I dropped the plastic holder and my teeth shattered into three.
I truly broke the mould.
Then I procrastrinated over my smoothie.
All due to another late night at The Arcola watching the hoosbind perform rather brilliantly.

I didn’t run, I didn’t visualise, I just about managed me Tibetan 15 and a 20 minute meditate.
Anyway into the kitchen I went with my bottle of calcium tablets, to take with my smoothies, so I could cure the rash on my cheek from taking too much spirulina – the calcium was advised by my German Chinese Medical friend, .
Yes I know algae is known for its toxins but it is a super food and I’m trying things out.
So,into the kitchen I went, all a little edgy because I hadn’t run and stuff, put everything into the blender beaker, everything except the spirulina, and Jim came and watched over my left shoulder.
You know when you think you are being criticised you get all tongue tied and spaghetti arms, in fact all he was doing was ‘avin a look, but I stopped concentrating for a split second. The beaker slipped on the work surface, the smoothie went all over the floor – looking like a dreadful pile of vomit, and instead of turning the blender off I caught my ring finger on my left hand.
Blood everywhere.
Jim shouted because he thought I was blaming him, so I did!
He wound a plaster round my finger to stem the bleeding, and I left the flat without a bye or leave or indeed breakfast.
To work I arrived all ok, although Steve said I was a little meandery, something I shall have to watch. Keeping to the subject.
As we discussed on the show staying ‘MINDFUL’, not letting the concentration waver and go up the old wazoo.
I left LBC, in a fairly good space, drove to the Kings Road and stopped to buy some super-glue so I could fix my my teeth together, parked, stepped out of the car, took three paces, slipped on the tiny step into the ‘Food and Wine’ shop and before you could say ‘INSULT’ I had, The tissue round the tendon HURT. It HURT a big lot.
So now I have a swollen ankle, a cut finger, a stiff neck, a potential lay off from running and a chip in my best mug at home – I know because Hanna told me. I got all tearful. Clearly my bio-rythms have lost their beat. I now await the washing machine palava. I put in a load, closed the door on the tie on my Thai fishermen trousers any minute now I fully expect the door to fly off as the fishmans kecks refuse to spin….
It really is one of those days when it would have been much better if I had stayed under my duvet, you cant do too much damaged with goose feathers.
One deep breathe will help, and a bowl of green salad in front of Corrie. Then ‘The Apprentice’ then lots of visualisation into the ankle later on to shrink it!
Jim’s at the Theatre. The roomies are in Wimbledon eating mummies home-made curry.
Tomorrow and tomorrow moves on at a pettty pace, specially now my ankle looks like a canteloup….
stay mindful gang.

3 thoughts on “Breaking The Mould”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    Been awake since 3am! bed time seems a million miles away right now. I Shall make myself a full English with freshly buttered toast and a big mug of fresh tea. I really feel for you and your painful anckle,I’ve just recovered from a really severe ’bout of gout’ it is so very painful and really stops you from doing the simplist of things (people on’t realise how terible it is) maybe yu coud do a phone-in on radio with remedies and potions etc.
    Anyway hope your weekend is ‘pain free’ and relaxing.
    Take care, and I really enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Hi Jeni
    When I have days like that I now ask myself “What is this here to teach me” and invariably it’s here to teach me to slow down!
    It’s a female thing in the main, juggling too many balls for too long and we start to drop them.
    So deep breath and spend some time gazing at the river, just gazing mind, nothing else.
    It always works for me, now I just need NOT to get to that point where I have a day like your’s!
    Sorry for rambling just wanted to help.
    Love June

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