The Earth Moved

The epicentre of the Earthquake was in Lincoln, BUT, loads of Londoners felt monsters under their bed, orgres in their wardrobes and, way over in Muswell Hill, saw their plates rattle on the shelves.
5.2 on the Righter scale and I slept through it.
Bushey, in Hertfordshire heard it.
Ware in the World experienced it.
And Chadwell Heath’s inhabitants held onto their hats.

Frank, who called from SW11, lives over in Battersea Park, not five minutes away from me.
He heard it.
At 12.57 we were both watching the same programme about Barak Obama, and yet my flat was as still as the Thames flowing outside my window.
Apparently the water has some kind of effect on earthquakes.
The platonic plates made for plenty of platonic conversation.
I enjoyed todays chats.
We talked about intelligent women who, after having children, instead of being welcomed back into the world of work, find themselves doing part-time pin money jobs.
And then, in the last quarter of an hour, we had a quick chat about the wallet that was lost in 1962 and found in 2008.
It was the first time I took a caller right up to the last seconds.
It makes me perspire just thinking about it.
Falling off air…..I offend myself, I’d rather eat my words than stumble over them, which I did out of panic – sorry Petrie.
Tomorrow is another day.
I’m off to do my homework now, listening for after shocks.
night night.

4 thoughts on “The Earth Moved”

  1. Hi Jeni, have been enjoying the radio shows the last few days; lots of interesting topics & comments. Today’s discussion on breast awareness is obviously close to my heart. I definitely think younger woman should be screened for breast cancer. Despite checking myself regularly, I discovered the lump by accident – it was so deep in the breast tissue that it couldn’t be felt by the recommended method. It had been present for quite a long time & had progressed to a grade three tumour & advanced into the lymph nodes.
    I had my third cycle of chemotherapy on Monday, I have three more to go followed by radiotherapy for four to six weeks & I don’t kow what the future holds.
    I’ve lost all my hair, have had horrible sickness & side effects, and judging by the hot flushes that started last week the menopause has kicked in!
    I am doing my best to be positive & trying to ignore the fear that is constantly lurking. I strongly urge everyone to check themselves regularly & if they have the slightest suspicion – GET IT CHECKED IMMEDIATELY! And don’t let your GP put you off. I’m very lucky; my GP is wonderful & referred me as an urgent case. He was as shocked by my diagnosis as I was & has been so supportive.
    Thanks to the Barnett Bloggers who have asked after me. I read the posts as often as I can, but don’t have much energy to post comments myself. Best wishes to all.

  2. Hi Jeni & all the other BBs, Just wanted to let Kirsten know it was nice to hear from her again, and sorry she’s been feeling so sick. I’m sure you can get tablets to help you over that,my Auntie has anyway, but then again she lives in Scotland. Perhaps its a postcode thing? Well Jeni, I to am trying hypnotherapy at the moment, only on day 3 so far but fingers crossed. Caught your programme twice this week, and its good,but better we see you as well! Lots a luv x

  3. I agree absolutely Kirsten, my breast cancer wasn’t a lump at all, would never had been found but for the fact that I was fast tracked for a mammogram because of my family history. So they should start screening earlier in my opinion, I might have been in a very different position if it had not been discovered for another 2 years. I wish you all the best Kirsten, I’m glad you are being well supported by your gp.

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