The Eve of Christmas

Dear, dear all,
The turkey’s sitting on the draining board.
The fridge broke.
The hob stopped working.
The washing machine is kaput.
The fan belt on my little red car has gone all limp on me.
Jim got nicked for an absent MOT.
I forgot to buy a present for Annabel next door.
My ankle aches and I missed the last part of Ken Dodd.
Apart from that there’s a basket of vegetables dying to be roasted, and a fridge full of food that’s determined to be cooked by tomorrow afternoon.
So whilst time is at a premium there’s nothing that a cold G&T cant fix.
As for my spirit it’s up there with the best of ’em.
to you all have a wonderful,enjoyable Christmas day, a relaxing boxing day. An interim week of kindness and a truly uplifting New Years Eve.
I have really enjoyed getting to know you lot and there’s more where that came from in 2008.
nuit nuit
and cul8tr

15 thoughts on “The Eve of Christmas”

  1. Thanks for all you have done this year to help me keep sane, really enjoyed your blog, keep it up. When are you next back on the TV miss you.

  2. hope things inprove kitchen wise for you. The preparation of the mountain of food started here at 8am with me roasting butternut squash for soup and then getting the apple pie & custard sorted. once thats done thats my work over as i am not getting involved with making the main meal. [though saying that i guarantee i’ll get loads of questions like ‘what do i do with this now’] thankfully the lurgy thats laid me out since friday seems to have cleared and i no longer feel like i should swap places with david walliams in the littel britain W.I. sketch! hope every1 has a good few weeks and heres to more jenny on tv in 08

  3. Happy Christmas, from Thailand.
    A bit of frost would go down a treat here at the moment……but I think we’ll have to put up with a few lime margaritas instead!
    Wishing everyone all the best over the festive period.
    Caroline & Philip.
    Phuket, Thailand

  4. Am I sad?? Nah! The lunch is cooked and eaten – did we do traditional? Nope we did not! Cheese souffle all round – and yum it was! My daughter – and errant son cooked for us; tomorrow its my turn – roast chicken and all the trimmings. We had prezzies – hope you did too? Am sat here in my ‘softest ever dressing gown’!!! It sure is soft! Stuffed and p****d!! Well almost!
    A VERY merry Christmas to you and yours Jeni. We still miss you.
    Jill n Roger XxX

  5. Hiya Jen. Hope the festivities all went exactley as you wanted, despite the failing fridge/hob/washing machine and fan belt. Why do the electricals all pack in at the wrong time, eh?
    I cooked the Christmas dinner for my little family again and they said they’d loved it. As all the cooking and eating is over I felt I could relax, so I’ve just poured myself a bloody huge Jack Daniels, with a little drip of coke! Here’s to you, lady, and to all the bloggers. Happy Christmas, everyone.

  6. Hi Jen, I know you and Jim will remember me from your trip on the Thames, just read your blog entry to Mrs W and we had a laugh! Sounds like you had an eventful xmas eve and I thought we were the only. f**k up family (everything we buy goes wrong or has bits missing and as for the family!!!) Have a good one seasons greetings Alan & Jayne W

  7. Ah Jeni,
    Thanks for the message. I have been reading your website for ages now but have never commented. I watched you EVERY EVERY day on Great Food Live – I taped them all if I was out. Sad, sad, day when it all ended. You were the sparkiest person on TV and a role model!!
    Hope fridge (and everything else is fixed). Have a good New Year.

  8. Hi Jeni
    Oooo I do sympathise when the electrics go they always pick the wrong time and all go at once. My Brother and I did a lovely dinner and the bread sauce was yummy. Having a blow out in London this weekend before the 2nd Jan – off to the theatre and then to Silvena’s Baltic for dinner, and I’m a little bit TOO excited!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fabulous New Year
    Lots of love
    Marmite Girl xx

  9. hi jeni
    Have just finished my christmas shifts and am just about to enjoy my christmas over the weekend, today (friday 28th dec) is my christmas eve! So merry christmas to all! Back at work new years eve so will see the new year in with our lovely patients. Hope you had a good one!Take Care xx

  10. Hi Jeni,
    Keep blogging!!!
    Hope you have a very happy new year and that you’ll (Yule, get it?!) soon be back on our tv screens
    Fr Andrew

  11. Dear Jeni, I guess you’re busy and don’t have much time to look at the blogs but we (my partner Roger and I) just wanted to wish you- and yours – a VERY Happy New Year; may it bring all you wish for – well within reason!!

  12. Well it’s New Years Eve, and we all made it through the year. Well done us lot.
    Happy New Year to you all, and lets hope 2008 is a peaceful, happy and healthy year for every one of us.
    Happy New Year, Jen. You’ve come to mean a lot to us this year.

  13. Hallo Jeni
    Happy New Year to us, each and everyone one of us.
    May we all receive what we need in 2008.
    Love June

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