Jack’s Place

I ran. I wrote. I really enjoyed me meal with Jim at JACKS. Jack Talkington was a ‘pound a round’ boxer,he met Jimmy Carter’s brother, who worked for the White House security team so now all of Jack’s restaurant walls are covered with pictures of The American President and lots of other yankee memorabilia. There … Read more

If you could see it through my eyes

It’s 12.15. I’m eating Ryvita. Clarence is asleep in his bed. Jim’s at home in Sussex.
Jackson is on his bed – I’m told. I read an article today by Bruce Fogel the famous vet who’s married to Julia whatshername.
The article made me cry it was all about him having to put his own dog down.
The noise of London has receded, the only sound is me crunching through my rye crackers.
(Thank you to you two lovely bloggers who replaced my lost blogs.)
It’s the state of my head today.
Thursday November 1st.
I thought today was Wednesday and yesterday Thursday. I’m all over the place.
I should have run today but since I thought it was yesterday I gave myself Wednesday off! This means I shall have to run tomorrow.
I may not want to though.
It doesn’t matter what you want you have to.
Because its good for you.
With whom am I having this argument?
You know who!
Shut up you silly bat and get on with it.

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Idiot Alert

Dear lovely bloggers. I have just accidentally deleted all your lovely comments. I am gutted. If you’ve still got them send them again and I’ll publish them. I’m off to see CABARET now, it’s their first year birthday, I have been invited along with LBC. Forgive me for pressing the wrong button, I know not … Read more