The sharp air cut through my befuddled head.
I meditated, and researched words for the book.
So I went and bought washing up liquid and three newspapers from the corner shop.
The corner shop is on The Square. Rather than go back to the flat I went into the Lebanese bar.
All the waiters are Eastern European, they change every week. So I never remember their names.
I ordered a pot of mint tea, drunk every last sip, unclogging the mint leaves from the spout after each pour.
I drove to LBC, came home with three books and booked tickets to go and see Hairspray starring Michael Balll who was being John Travolta who had been Divine, are you following this?.
I watched one hour of Coronation Street – excessive I know – then some of the television awards. But most of the time between I have beeen writing.
The first 1,500 words are now there.
I have also mastered the art of getting rid of obstructive pop ups. I HATE THEM!
I do not want to bet with Sky Poker. I do not want a new Dell computer. I most certainly do not want to invest in some lousy scam and if the girl with the crocheted bikini looks at me one more time imploring me to watch her video I will call her up personally and tell her where to stick her pop-ups up.
Tonight is Halloween, have you trick or treated?
Do you care?
Tonight the veil is meant to be the thinnest between us and them?
Are you scared?
I’m too tired to take an interest.
How was your Wednesday?
I am thrilled that you are sharing your lives with me. Thank you so much.

4 thoughts on “Pop-ups”

  1. I didn’t realise it was October let alone Halloween and now its November….. what happened to September? I’ll catch up in December!
    Treacle toffee and ‘parkin’ around the corner.

  2. Your blogs do me the power of good. I have had a s**t of a week and its not over yet. How is it that 2 grown ! men (delivery drivers) cannot get a 2 seater sofa through a door? They took one look at my front door tried the sofa at two angles and took it away again. We are a close family but 3 of you trying to sit on one chair! Even the dog has put a notice ‘its mine’ on her basket. Now I have to spend the rest of the week listening to’oh but we don’t keep furniture in stock madam, we have to allow at least a month or possibly three!
    So we have dragged out the futon yet again and got the camping chair out of the car and we look a happy bunch of campers in the evening!

  3. Hi Jeni
    Well I don’t know how I did it but I got rid of pop ups ages ago and yes it’s great. My Wednesday was cleaning, washing, blogging and watching food poker. I didn’t like it, I thought it was a bit patronising. A sort of quiz show not a cookery programme. I had to laugh at the chefs, I could see they we’re thinking my god this is daft but I am being paid so I’ll just ham it up a bit. Still can’t get on with MK, ‘Barefoot Contessa’ is now employing the cameraman off MK, so I switched that over. I tried to watch the awards but the screaming etc in the background got on my nerves so switched over only to find that there really was not much else on, bit disappointed with Corrie and I had the telly controls to myself, just my luck. Today I’m taking the dogs out then I’m going to have a look see at the new shopping centre in Derby, this will be my last visit to a city this year. Someone told me last week that Christmas is on the way!!!
    You have a nice Thursday.

  4. We’re just sitting having a cuppa, watching Food Poker. While it’s fabulous to hear you on the TV, why on earth is that prat Albright presenting? IT SHOULD BE YOU !!!!!! OK, foot stamping over….Taking the Mother- in – Law to see the local Drag artist tonight – it’ll have to be something stronger that tea to cope!!
    T & J x

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