Hello Eeen….

Todays LBC was all about Halloween.
TONY EDWARDS talked about the history of the Pagan festival from The Celts to now, told us a story, sung us a song, the least I could do was invite him back.
Rupert Ponsonby carved us a pumpkin.
Emma Angel told us about hiring costumes. That the most popular at the moment is the little black pumpkin dress, worn with pumps.(kins!)
he food and drink editor from Country Living gave us three lovely pumpkin recipes, which included the best soup I’ve come across in ages.
Roast a pumpkin that has been peeled and cubed, roast a whole head of garlic with the top sliced off in a hot oven until they’re soft. Squeeze out the soft garlic and blitz it along with the pumpkin and creme fraiche, sea salt, black pepper and stock and there you have it.
If you want to scatter freshly roasted pumpkin seeds over the top great otherwise use coriander.
How simple is that.
I came home and put sausages in a pan with loads of onions, which are cooking slowly, had a salad in front of Corrie and now I intend to read the papers with a sausage in one hand and the phone in the other.
That’s my Sunday.
How was yours?.
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  1. Hi Jeni, Havent made a comment for ages, just enjoying reading your blog. Just wanted to say that i am looking forward to watching Food Poker even though you should be presenting it and not just the voice over! Hope it goes well and has to be better than Ready Steady Cook which was good but has had its day i think. Take Care. xxx

  2. Hi Jeni,
    The sound of you eating slow-cooked sausages is driving me mad. I do miss English sausages and thats the first meal I’ll cook when we get back home…only 3 weeks to go!
    I must ask…do you find time to watch all those films you are sent, or do you just have time to watch the ones you like the sound of or must you watch all of them?
    Sunday here was a bit hectic. Had to go into Old Carcassonne to collect plants for a someone (have only met her twice) who needs space to over-winter them. Took 2 trips and a lot of sweat. Then I fed people Pear and Almond Tart and coffee and talked about the mad chap who lived here before us.The afternoon was spent doing garden work, Evening was spent learning French (no, silly, I don’t mean I learnt French in just one evening) and then a night of watching Jamie Oliver and that Ramsey bloke dubbed in French.
    You write this blog so well. Thank you.
    Chrissie x

  3. We lost and hour! I was planting some seedlings while listening to GFL repeats. It’s really strange how one analyses it all now that the show isn’t on anymore. I had to come inside to watch because it was the episode with Ed Bains
    when he talked about how he became a chef. Well, he is the thinking woman’s chef after all, and I came to the conclusion that he was your favourite. As was Joe
    the wine guy and Matt Skinner.
    Sorry to rake over old coals
    but we now have to survive on two hours a week so bring on the new show

  4. It was lovely thanks for asking, babysittting for my gorgeous Niece Cara who is two going on fourty – I caught her trying to pour orange juice down the dogs throat and when I asked what she was doing – she stared at me with distain and said “SHARING!!” You gotta love em.
    Lots of love
    Marmite Girl xx

  5. Wasn’t it great having the extra hour? It would be better if we could have it say once a month and catch up on all the stuff we’ve neglected to do.
    I went to the gym for a swim (see the poetry there)- I haven’t been for ages so I was knackered after half an hour. Then at night me and the old man watched Rebecca on some obscure Sky channel (I’d completely forgotten how it started) and a programme I’d skyplussed on Jacques Brel which was very moving. Petula Clark was (talking) on it, she looks fantastic. She must be about 70 now at least. Mind you she was a child star I suppose.
    I resolved to have an early night for once but failed miserably.
    And now I’m listening to Dolly Parton singing Stairway to Heaven which is as surreal an experience as I’ll have this week.
    Thanks for the blog JB – it’s ace. XOX Fee

  6. Hi Jenny, So happy, yesterday, when my family and I found we could listen to you on LBC on the internet. We have missed you, here in Cyprus. Good Food Live was our major family viewing mainly because of you. Miss having a giggle with you in early evening so will look forward to hopefully hearing you instead.
    Lots of love.
    P and family

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