Picture perfect.

The river was up today grey and swirling. My mood was a bit like the river. My printer had broken down and so had my patience.
I had a shower, got dressed then Jim and I bussed it into Piccadilly.
There was a screening at BAFTA for the new John Cusack film ‘GRACE HAS GONE’.
Watching any film at 195 Piccadilly is always a pleasure.
The seats are good , the sound perfect and the audience committed.
To become a member of BAFTA you have to be nominated, seconded and then wait, fingers crossed, to see if you’ve been accepted.
When I was sent my BAFTA card, with my own number I whooped with joy.
An encrypted video player is provided then all the years films arrive in the post. Day after day another encrypted CD pops through the letter box, it’s really excitng.
Christmas and New Year are then spent watching loads of films. Bliss.
It was always my dream to be able to watch films all day, every day and then work in them. As a student I would go to all nighters in Baker Street, take a packed lunch and sit through all the Roman Polansky films, or festivals of French movies, or happy horror hour.
Now I go to posh screenings at BAFTA, or in the West End or in Soho . I am as happy as a rhino in mud.

When I was doing GFL all day, every day, I never had time to go to the screenings. This year I am able to attend them, not all, as I am a busy bee, but a lot of them.
Tonight John Cusack spoke about his powerful anti war film.
The director sat with him and a more dignified pair I’ve yet to see grace a podium.
I shed another bloomin’ tear. The film was painfully caring.
Jim and I walked down Piccadilly and had supper in a French/English restaurant. He had shepherds pie and I had fish and chips with peas
‘Like they do ’em Leeds’ with mint and vinegar.
It was too cold for a bus so I hailed a taxi. The driver looked like Johnathan King, I nearly didn’t tip him.
It’s just gone midnight, Jim’s already in bed, which is early for him, as he’s up at 6.00 filming in the Elephant and Castle.
I’m going to bed because I’m opening up a chocolate shop tomorrow night and I need my beauty sleep.
It’s a funny old time, which is why I like the movies, life looks a lot slicker through the lens, and there’s always some klnd of appropriate music to create an atmosphere. Living in the real world can be hard especially without a soundtrack.
hey ho.
I think I’ll put on some cool acid funk, that should do the trick.
sleep well and

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  1. Oh Jeni what a lovely day, I love 195 my mate is a BAFTA member and took me to the bar – we had champers (and I did pinch the glass but I did ask the waiter first) we had a huge burger & chips while all the waif like actressess including Gina Mckee had skinny latte’s I thought I should buy them some food! Any time I went to bathroom I could feel myself saying “work it” in my head….in case someone said you are just want I want for my new film daahling, that’s probably why you need to be a member to get in!!!Memories like the corners of my mind….
    Lots of love
    Marmite Girl xxx

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