Pensive Ponderings

What a funny time this is.
The BBC slashing so many jobs.
Perer Fincham resigning.
ITV being accused of fraud.
Im working in an industry which is tearing itself apart.
Fewer and fewer people are able to find work, more and more of my kind are finding it impossible to make ends meet.
Names that wouldn’t be seen dead on a soap are being written into Corrie to keep a roof over their heads. Not that I have anything against Corrie, I don’t I love it, but back in the day working a Soap spelt the end of a serious career.
Acting chums are working for peanuts.
Out of work producers are selling perfume and renowned creatives are on permanent gardening leave.
It aint ‘alf ‘ard to remain positive

Tonight I went, for the second time, to see my nearasdamnit son in PURE GOLD at the Soho Theatre. The play made me cry again.
The place was packed to the gunnels with a party of freshers from Greenwich university.
A multi-ethnic bunch of enthusiastic drama students. They took notes, clapped, whistled and watched as the play unfolded.
I couldn’t help but wonder where they would work after they had graduated.
Five of us then went to eat in ‘Blacks’. A club in Dean Street. A cross between bordello kitch and Dickensian opulence.
The food was ok, the bill too much, but it was a good way to give the boy a send off for his last but one performance.
2 left for the bus.
1 left on a scooter and 2 of us drove home in my little red car.
The air was cold.
Jim has now set off for the country and the dog, who lies in wait.
I am still full from my lemon posset.
Posset leads to pensive thoughts.
Pensive ponderings lead to heavy eye-lids.
I can just see to wish you a
vrye foog nigh;t

5 thoughts on “Pensive Ponderings”

  1. Dear Jeni
    At least this weekend you can leave all the cares and woes of this strange world behind you, for at least 90 minutes and watch thirty men playing a game with odd-shaped balls, for the glory of their respective countries!Maybe thereafter, the world will be a better place but I doubt it.
    It will add just a further fifteen men on the unemployed list!

  2. Dear Jeni,
    Oh, the joys of self-employment! Nice to have a little freedom to decide what you do and when you do it, but not so nice in the middle of the night when the cold sweat breaks out. I feel for you my dear.

  3. Dear Jeni, I know who Jim and BB are but you have mentioned a grand daughter, and a nearasdamnit son in pure gold, I take it that’s the name of the play, and that he’s not been dipped in it!
    So, do you have another daughter or son? please explain to your continually loving public.
    David from Manchester (just round the corner from the Corrie set x

  4. Hi Jeni,
    Now don’t panic about the future (I understand that it must be hard not to). You have been doing great till now and a whole lot better than most.
    You have so much going for you and lots of support from us lot and a Jim who didn’t think the bill was bad!
    Just about to watch our boys in the big Rugby match.
    A big hug from
    Chrissie soontobetwickenham x

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