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Thank you so much for your support. I can’t answer each and every one of you – there are so many to read, but just to let you know that yes, I will keep up this site. And yes, I have received Crawford’s blog. Joan Crawford and me indeed, and the thousands of you who have watched and laughed and been there. I can’t see the whites of your eyes but I can feel you.

If you think I am doing a runner, please be assured – it was not my decision to pull the programme. I am merely the prawn in somebody else’s gumbo. It is true that everything has it’s day – I’m not convinced that our day had come, but c’est la vie.
I am as sad as you, but keep watching – it’s not over until the fat lady sings. My love to you all.

Jeni xxxxxxxx

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  1. Hi Jeni, I have never in my life been moved, motivated or incensed enough to write or post a note about anything! Its a tribute to you and your fantastic GFL that has broken a very old mould. I was appalled to hear that GFL was to be axed. Stupidity of the first order by the men in suits. It is proof of your high standards and professionalism that you dont give em the finger on air!! I have made my feelings clear on the GFL notice board and just wish that it wasnt too late for the volume of dissapointed people to turn the tide. Your show is and will remain the best and who the hell wants to watch anything to do with bloody Markets anyway! Whatever you do you will shine as always. All the very best. Take care

  2. Jeni – I am gutted, I have watched your show from day one.
    I and my sons have been to see you and the chefs twice even they (my sons that is ;)) are gutted!!!
    It helped them appreciate food more and the education it gave them and me about nutrition etc… i really hope that your next venture will be in the world of food because you made that programme you really did!
    thank you for the last 5 years or so xxx

  3. Thanks so much Jeni for presenting a super show in your unique and hugely entertaing style. I hope someone with vision finds you an even better vehicle for your talents, we’ll be waiting!

  4. Jeni, I’m really going to miss you – they are mad axing the show. You have brightened my day for so long – even my 18 year old son can’t help but laugh at you – “Moose Woman” he says you’re barking!!! Will you let us know what you are going on to do. You have many loyal fans who want to keep watching you.

  5. We are so sad that the programme is going off air. We both work and the six o clock programme is the first thing we watch. My OH thinks you are really funny and hopes that you will still be on the telly. Thanks for a great 5 years we are going to miss you.

  6. Jeni as i am sure many people have already told you we will miss you sorely.You brighten my day as i can no longer get out and about as i used to due to a chronic illness, the “cockroachs” (nice comment)that have done this to you and the programme and crew, are a bunch of expletives that dont recognise a winning formula if it bit them on the bum,may they rue the day.I am sure that you will go from strength to strength and continue to give us joy with your lovely bubbly personality! Chin up your public are with you.

  7. Jeni, really going to miss you:(( You’re the one that actually makes the show works, so different from any other cooking programs on TV.

  8. Laughed all the way through today both gfl and extra. Matt Dawson is divine and you and the scrummy Simon Rimmer were a double act made in heaven. Sorry, but vegans have got it bad. The lancashire hotpot needed a leg of lamb!! What on EARTH will I do without you? My mum has just knitted my daughter a Clanger…… I’m going to ask her to knit me a Jeni!!

  9. Jenni I’ve been posting notes on the various feedback lists hoping that you would read them to know just how much you have been appreciated and what a load of chumps the producers of this programme and uktv food are. I have e-mailed the people who apparently make the programme, trying to remember his name now! I think it was Paul something and a Diana woman – haven’t had a reply but someone somewhere must be able to do something about the removing of GFL and you from our screens! Just wanted to say don’t let the b……s get you down – we all know the recipe for good TV and you’re a main part of it! But as you say, it’s not over until the fat lady sings!! xxx Chris

  10. hi jeni
    happy birthday!!!!
    have just read your blog for the first time, and jim’s…..
    (that’s how i know it’s your birthday!!)
    can’t tell you how sad i am about what is happening because you have had such an influence, all for the good of course!!!! on my wife and my eating habits and enjoyment of food and life in general……… we watch your programme every day, at 7pm whilst eating dinner.
    please thank all the crew for the superb shows you have all so consistently produced; the ‘suits’ who make the decisions have nothing to do with the the quality that you, your team and your guests give us every day. they do not even have the courage to post replies to the 100s of messages on the GFL chatboards.
    Please keep up this blog, i read dozens from all over the world every day but you are now posted at the top of my list.
    have as lovely a day as you can, know that you are being wished well by so very many people and i hope that your future will include blogging, this website, a book, new ventures and whatever will contribute to a happy life for you and your family
    best wishes
    ps what an opportunity was missed the other day by the snippett you had about the young trainee chefs….i could quite easily see a series there!!!
    but then who am i to say? the last people that are taken notice of by the ‘suits’ are the viewers!!!

  11. Hi Jeni
    Just like to say that UKtv food will be removed from my favourites after the last airing of great food live no point after that will miss you and the show not so much the show, put a smile on my face will be look out for you in the future all the best in what ever you do
    Harry & Dawn

  12. I to am really going to miss you Jenni.You are so funny, you are why the rest of my family will happily watch GFL.I look forward to seeing you on TV again soon making another show a success.

  13. happy birthday jeni!just want to say thank you for all the laughter and tears over the past five years.
    you will be missed!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Jeni.
    Although heartbroken at the loss of GFL I know that what ever you do next will be hugely successful.We will miss you.

  15. Happy Birthday for yesterday Jeni – I have only just discovered your web site – fab! It was my birthday the day before yours so I now know I’m in good company. I was really sad to hear that your show is going off air. My favourite time of day is getting home from work, switching on the tely at 6 and watching GFL. You often make me laugh out loud (as I live on my own I suspect my neighbours thing I’m a wierdo as they hear loud gufaws!) Have a fab weekend – I’m off to Manoir au Quatre Saison to celebrate my birthday – I shall toast your birthday too. Very best wishes to you. Helen


  17. Hi Jeni, I love you as a presenter, the best I’ve seen. I will truly miss your witty humour, smiling face and your laugh. I hope to see you presenting very soon.
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Kindest regards,

  18. Hi Jeni just want to say how sorry I am GFL will be no more. The show has broaden my knowledge on food & cooking techniques. The programmers have lost the plot big time & I hope it’s not too long before we see you again on our screens. Wishing you all the very best for the future.

  19. Hi Jeni
    It’s a real shame GFL is going – been watching it since day 1 – my sacred hour between 6 – 7pm after a day at work and woe betide anyone who interrupts it!
    Seriously, look forward to seeing you on TV elsewhere – make sure you let us all know!
    Take care and be good!

  20. Jeni, I cant beleive I will not be watching you on the telly on GFL, Its the only thing I really enjoy & look forward to watching, I am so gutted & was really shocked when I found out, you make me laugh & I have got all the family watching you now & we all love you. So will we get to see you on the telly again soon, I really hope so. You must keep us updated on your whereabouts. We will miss you, best of luck.

  21. Jeni, I am so sad that the programme that has been entertaining and educating me in my lunch hour is going and I am incensed that even though the feeling is so obviously shared by so many is being completely ignored by the team.
    I feel they are making a huge mistake which they don’t even have the decency to justify (or reply to emails). I will miss you and all the fantastic chefs, buffs and contributers to the show and feel that the powers that be should take a look properly at the strength of feeling on the messageboards that have never been used so much before. xx

  22. Hi Jeni
    Can I just add my own words of praise and say how sorry I am to see the demise of GFL.
    In a media world where everything is about sound bites and minor celebrity, you have consistently and impressively steered a programme that is intelligent and informative, enlightening and entertaining…and lots of fun.
    You are one of the best presenters on British television and GFL one of the most imaginative programmes.
    Good luck with all your future plans and thanks again.

  23. Hi Jenni, would just like to say how sad I am that GFL is being taken from our TV screens. I look forward to watching you and the chefs between 6 and 7 each evening. This is my hour of winding down after work and enjoying the banter between you, the chefs and your guests. I particularly love it when Ollie Smith and you get together as I normally end up laughing my head off at your antics. You have a brilliant chemistry with the chefs, particularly Richard, Frank, Ed, Gino and Andrew to name but a few. I watch with my daughter Lauren, who as a result of this show, hopes to be a chef when she grows up. We don’t quite know how we’re going spend to that hour when your show finally leaves our screens, you and your show will be sadly missed. 🙁

  24. Hi Jeni
    Like many others, I have never put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) b4, even when I felt angry about stupid decisions but the removal of GFL from our TV is just too much. As a family, we always watch your show between 6 & 7, we have come to see you as part of the family. MY partner thinks you and I are very similar, and I have now adopted your ‘moose women’ saying. I have posted my disgust everyday on the UKTV website (Jeni Bird), and have started a web petition. We all know none of this will do any good, but we cant let you go without letting you all know we love you. Will be turning off from UKTV Food at the end of your last show, but will follow you to your next project. Lets hope you are not off our screens for too long. Wherever you go, please keep the same format and humour, we love your style of presenting and hearing all about poor Jim. You are a true professional and a friend. Good luck to you and all the team

  25. Absolutely amazed to hear that GFL and jeni are being axed! Are the suits stupid or believe that they can improve on a faultless show! I hope that they see the light before they pull the plug. If not jeni, hope you remember to increase your salary when they beg you to come back!! Best Regards.

  26. Hi Jeni,
    I’m not really into ‘food telly’ but I know for sure that my wife is. I think it’s the only thing that keeps her sane. Not only that, you have, over the years, got yourself another(how many have you got?) male fan! GFL is so entertaining, even I watch it because I know I’ll find myself laughing before the end of it. You will be sorely missed and I can’t really understand why the show is being ‘pulled’. Wherever you go, Jeni, my wife and I will be watching.
    Angry of Burton on Trent

  27. Jeni absolutely love the show and feel devastated that it is being axed. You are very a talented presenter and have such a rapport with the chefs and guests. GFL is the best programme on the televsion and the ‘powers that be’ clearly lack the insight to realise this. Youve really done yourself proud with GFL and I hope someone snaps you up and you return to our screens soon. with very best wishes.

  28. Sounds to me like either GFL wake up or dare I say another TV company sees the light and grabs Jeni………………
    slam dunk I think!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dear Jeni, thank you for presenting THE BEST live cookery show on tv anywhere. Unfortunately, it is probably cheaper to show endless re-runs of re-runs than have a live show, actually teaching us something. Thanks for all the recipies, wine knowledge, and, of course, the fun and frolics! Hope to see you on something else very soon.
    Best Regards,
    Colette, Drogheda, Ireland

  30. Dear Jeni
    I’m sad but not surprised at the “men in suits” axing the show. I was at LWT when you were and it was great until certain “suits and bean counters” improved it. So often some of the best shows sink without a second series so at least its been a good run. I now work from home in Alfriston(which has a great old haunted pub if you fancy a pint) and also Romford so hoping to see Jim’s play if I can. The one reason I bothered to pay for two TV licences was to watch GFL. Is there any chance they will repeat the shows or perhaps do a DVD or several? Anyway Jeni thanks for championing voluptuous women on TV. Your insight, wit and sheer hutspa with the chefs and guests brightened my dull day. No GFL will mean I do more work and MAYBE eat less, one saving grace ….Nah.
    One thought…will the last show be called Good Food Dead?
    Remember as one door closes another slams in your face!
    Keep well and lets hope to see your tokas on another sofa real soon.

  31. How sad to see GFL go. What will I do to fill that hour every evening now? Who’s going to make me chuckle with their wicked wit. Hope that the powers that be find you another place on our screens – don’t thay know you’re better than the NHS.
    The very best of luck with
    whatever you decide to do.
    Erica – fellow resident of Crowborough

  32. Dear Jeni,
    (plus all the chefs and all the production team of GFL)
    I’ve never been moved to post about a television programme before. This is a short post just to say thank you for all the shows and all of the great advice, recipes and fun you’ve provided down the years.
    I can’t claim to have watched for the full 5 years but I’ve been watching for a fair old time and have loved every minute of it. The recent series of Extra which highlighted on the basics of particular areas of cooking has been a real bonus and is much appreciated.
    Thank you for helping me to get away from ready meals and back to trying to cook good food with good ingredients. I’m also trying all sorts of different recipes and cuisines and have amassed a rather large collection of cook books which I’m working my way through!
    It’s a great shame that the main programme and Bites / Extra are all coming to an end. My video recorder won’t know what’s happened in a week’s time as it won’t be recording the lunch time shows ready for me to watch when I get in from work.
    Once again thank you for all the shows, the flirting, the outrageous comments and just for being you. I know it’s going to be hard for you to get through the last week but go out on a high note and make it fun for all of us.
    I’m sure we’ll see you on our screens again soon.
    Lots of love
    Paul Corfield

  33. Dear Jeni
    I have watched GFL from the very beginning and have enjoyed every minute of it, I have so enjoyed seeing all the different chefs, wine experts, beer, coffee and tea experts, etc but the prog would not have made it for 5 1/2 year if you had not been presenting it, you have kept it fresh, funny and a joy to watch, your love of food and your obvious affection and respect for all the people on the show shines through every programme
    I wish you all the best for the future and I truly hope that you will be back on our screens soon

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