The end of another week. The time is going so swiftly. The boxes are being delivered to my dressing in preparation for packing up 5 years worth of clothes,120 pairs of shoes, endless old scripts, bottles of vitamins, loads of lipsticks and boxes of jewellery. My lovely dresser Angelina will be on tap to fold and pack and in three weeks we’ll be out. It will feel mighty weird having no show to do.

Today’s show was well fattenin’. Celebrating curry week, all over the land people are making curries and charging their guests then giving their money to VSO, for all the voluntary work they do abroad. I know it feels like every week there is another cause to give your money to, but if you are lucky enough to have friends, just cook and charge ’em. Goddam it – you know it makes sense! Last year The Big Curry Night raised £55,000 for the less fortunate than ourselves.

Alan Coxon cooked Durban Curry, Manju Malhi made the sweetest chicken curry and Joe Wadsack got me piddled on very strong beer and cider.

When I got back to the flat, the road was blocked off by a burly copper. I drove round the houses and came in the other end to another member of the old bill who told me that two canisters of CO2 had been found in the Thames and it was just a precaution. I smiled and shook my still coiffed mane and he let me in. Suffice to say I’m still here to tell the tale.

As I write, I am eating rye bread that Paul Hollywood made on the show. It’s covered thickly with butter and a huge blob of Guinness Marmite. You may hate it but I don’t. It’s just the thing for a Friday night in.

That’s your lot for this week. Enjoy your weekend, happy cooking and see you Monday.

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