Blood on your hands

Every week I go to a Swedish woman to help me with stress, fear, failure, anger, age and my fat belly. Every week she puts needles in different parts of my body and talks to me in a wonderful Swedish accent. Today she stuck needles in my head. The needles made it bleed and the blood felt hot under my fingers. It released my headache and made me feel a little light headed. She said that crying is a release of anger and that though I may look strong from the outside I am as soft as all get out on the inside.

I am not sure I could function without acupuncture. It really does help with both the physical and mental so if you’re frightened of having needles puncturing your skin, don’t be. The latest trend in New York is a course of ten facial treatments. The needles are put into the head and cheeks, around the eyes and chin. After two and a bit months you look younger than when you started. It does work. If I could stop scowling I would look younger now than I did then. I’ll keep you posted about my next session.