Tunny Wells.

January 26th 2023 and our first away day of the year. It was so cold I had the notion to stay local – Hastings could wait – so after pulling on two pairs of socks, and the rest of a wintry attire we set off for ~ Tunbridge Wells six miles south of our cottage. … Read more


When I was a chit of a girl I had a mind to know all the bus routes in London. A red Routemaster down Regent Street, its reflection on wet pavements, the smoky top deck, condensation on the windows. The spiral staircase to the bus conductor. A double decker with its double ding ding pull … Read more


The House of Windsor is a crumbling relic. The House of Representatives is 15 times as toxic as a septic tank. The House of Fraser no longer has the cache it used to have. The House of JB, however, is about to get a clear out. The cellar is so full of unwanted crockery, saucepans, … Read more