June 24th

In between the train strikes I had a job in London. Friday the 24th of June the day after one walk out and the day before another. I support the RMT and Mick Lynch with all my ancient beating heart. But I digress. I dressed accordingly, a green cardigan over a tee shirt and some … Read more


One of the inmates living on our road opened her garden to the public for charity. I was the 100th to enter her little wooden gate. The old git gave me a fiver and I handed it to Colin who was sitting with the cash box. We arrived late having attempted to get to Hastings. … Read more

June 11th

Since I had no sleep in me, and watching the clock was tedious I decided to get up. 4.44 to be precise and one minute before sunrise I slipped on a sleeveless Puffa jacket, and by that I don’t mean I tripped over it I mean I slipped it over my pyjamas, pushed my feet … Read more

Teetotal be damned.

I don’t drink. And when I do I wobble and sway and can’t walk a straight line. I don’t drink and then Betty Windsor has a 70th anniversary and we had a street party and I wobbled and swayed, couldn’t walk the straight line and fell asleep on the settee the minute I bumbled through … Read more