Digital detox

My father didn’t have holidays; my mother didn’t have holidays; my father’s father didn’t have holidays, rocking up, as he did in Tilbury from the Pogroms of Belarus. Neither did my mother’s mother who came from Minsk, Pinsk or Omsk, take your pick. So it stood to reason that my brother and I didn’t have … Read more

Finally a Plot

The thought of 10.000 steps at sunrise hurts until the last shoelace is tied. Then, on with two pairs of mittens, two pairs of leggings, two quilted jackets and a bribe for Dennis to stay inside closed doors and the two hour trek begins. The sun peeped over the trees at 7.27a.m. I stood still … Read more


In 1922 the BBC was born. In 1922 my mother was born. Happy 100th birthday to them both. The British Broadcasting Corporation gave us the Home service. Terry Wogan, and The Goons. My mother gave us chicken soup and 733 crocheted blankets. My mother was born in the East End of London, married my father … Read more


I’ve said it before, if you stand still long enough your life comes round to greet you. Last year I was invited to give a talk at my local Arts club. February 4th felt like an eternity away but I put it on my calendar and carried on with life. When it turned up last … Read more

The Prime Miscreant

Every single story that comes out about number ten and I turn into Victor Meldrew. I DONT BELIEVE IT Every single clip of Boris I DONT BELIEVE IT Every single clip of Dominic Raab I DONT BELIEVE IT Every single article news bulletin, segment, magazine spread, e-v-e-r-y single comma and full stop about the state … Read more