Bitter Kola

My feet are cold. My nose is cold. The ends of my fingers are like ice cubes. The old git has just lit the stove and the house smells of a Victorian blacksmiths. I bought hanging chocolates for the Christmas tree. I’ve eaten six of them; well, the tree isn’t up and I deserve a … Read more

November the 21st.

For ten days I have watched the leaves carpet the lawn. Listened to the rain on the sky light and the trials and tribulations of a host of friends. I’ve started making lists for Christmas and have taken deliveries of fake meat, fake bacon seasoning and fake onion powder. I have dusted the mantle piece, … Read more

What no Dick…..

The dawter told me to post pictures cos people dont open links, but all you have to do is copy and paste this link into your search engine – – and there I am in my early twenties doing what I do best, shouting. It’s a film about pantomime, made in the 70’s from … Read more

Soup Glorious Soup

Whether it’s Sop or Suppa, Soupe or Soup, we all have our own version of a liquid hug. Eight thousand years ago the Ancient Romans slopped onion soup into their red brick slip ware, old Germans ladled their leek and karoffel suppa into gold rimmed porcelain, whilst the Vietnamese feasted on Pho. Chinese archaeologists unearthed … Read more