Ta da today I bring you EUDAEMONIA. Yup I hadn’t heard of it either. Eudaemonia is a Greek word. It translates as happiness or welfare; or human flourishing, or prosperity and even blessedness. So why do I bring you Eudaemonia at 3.18 a.m. on a windy night – well I bring you a bit of … Read more


Whitney wore ’em, Ms Garland wore ’em, even Sir Elton of the John wore ’em, and me well I not only wore em’ I helped name a theatre group after them. It all began back in 16something or other when a ‘cheap coarse, thick, cotton cloth – often coloured blue’ – was created in Dongri, … Read more

To Hygga or not to Hygga

Seventy eight days ago I was celebrating my birthday on the first day of lock down. I – with the help of the old git who hobbled around calling the shots and hammering – furnished the new shed, I also reorganised my kitchen cupboards, weeded the Stromboli roses, seeded the potatoes, bought a box of … Read more