Stand up for Emily.

So it seems Emily Maitlis stood herself down after telling the truth about The Cum. I have been stood down, more than once, for telling the truth. Mr.Blobby says we can all make up our own minds about The Cum, and thats it’s time to move on from a little political skirmish. Matt Cock stands … Read more

32 or is it 43?

1976 was the hottest summer on record. 35 degrees and counting. I was working at the Leeds Playhouse rehearsing ‘England Expects’ a show that ‘Belt and Braces’, our theatre group, was relaunching. Six years earlier I was at a Children’s Theatre Festival in Harrogate. My first job, enthusiastic, eager and single. I saw an actor … Read more


On May 9th Marie Bernadette Maher would have been 72. We met in Hampstead in 1969. She from the Wirral me from London. We went to the Wimpy Bar in Golders Green and talked through the night. She puffing on a small cheroot and me mesmerised by her sophistication. She was a strawberry/reddish blonde, drove … Read more

For Reen.

‘A fire on them.’ ‘I wouldn’t give him the snot out of my nose.’ Two choice phrases from my well educated mother. She got a scholarship to Raines’ girls school in the East End of London. I still have her gym slip and cloth badge. She was well clever my muvver, but like a lot … Read more