Blissful thinking

The towels have been in a 60 degree cycle and are now blowing about on the washing line. Magnolia petals are strewn over the lawn, and the newly laid grass seed has been eaten by the little birds pecking away at it. A box of vegan cheeses have arrived, a packet of wire wool and … Read more

Miley Cyrus

My heart is breaking for the lad, who opened a bar in Peckham, put every penny he had into it and then Boom. My heart is breaking for the girl, who taught dance to disadvantaged kids in Rome, saved all her pennies to buy a ticket and then Boom. My heart breaks for the shy … Read more

International Woman’s Day

It was International Woman’s Day today so I fulfilled my duties as a woman in as International a way as possible. I phoned Boston and Saratoga, Chatham and Hackney, Devon and Wales and even pinged a text to Togo. I think that’s pretty International dont you? Having lived with the old git for forty three … Read more

Service with a smile.

Hyacinths and daffodils have taken over the kitchen table. Outside crocuses, primroses and hellebores have bust their buds in honour of spring even though the garden still looks like Le Mans, the Suki dog’s legacy. I await the carpet man. We have had a new bathroom carpet laid, but being an old age pensioner with … Read more