Fallen Angels

The aubergine and tamarind curry is in a kadhai on top of the stove, a delicious dish from the South of India. From the North I’ve made slow cooked mushrooms, with vegan condensed milk, and from Kerrala the ingredients for rice with peanuts and cashew nuts are waiting to be assembled for 7.00 tomorrow night … Read more

Losers – arn’t we all?

Right now talking doesn’t help. Brexit Schmexit, none of it matters as long as our children weep. Etonian bluster has won the day. Steve Bannon altering the wrong to make it Righter. Conspiracy theories about who paid whom to do whatever they did to keep the status quo chugging along abound. Who knows what’s true … Read more

Tie your camels.

First I felt one wet droplet land on my head, looked up and watched the slow drip drip of water coming through the bathroom ceiling. I woke the old git, who stood naked watching the rain come through the wooden slats. I went downstairs and got two buckets. Placed them under the steady stream. Himself … Read more