Golden slumbers

Ok so I don’t sleep. Most of the time it doesn’t matter, my life’s my own, I don’t have to work to anybody else’s timetable, and like many nimble footed alpha females I have existed on little sleep for years. And then along comes The Michael Mosley’s of the world, and Facebook adverts, and Tabloid … Read more

Our very own spiny mammal

By the pots of Dahlias and Petunias a breathless hedgehog was rescued by the old git and our pretty neighbour. Into a cardboard box it went, with a saucer of milk and some cat food. The hedgehog rescuers arrived and the pretty neighbour, wearing thick rubber gloves, carried the poorly little grunter to the rescue … Read more

Harvest home

The leaves have lost their green. They’ve turned a marmalade orange. The woods in the wood shed. The beans have run their course. The strawberries have filled the patch with a blanket of foliage, not a piece of fruit in sight. The white rose bush has chucked out 9 delicious white roses. The geraniums are … Read more