Pearly Kings and Queens.

Sometimes, when the noise ceases, and the outside is jet black, when the cat is snoring on the bean bag and the old man has gone up to bed, sometimes when it’s dead quiet, and all around are asleep, I wake up. I know it’s bad not to sleep, but sometimes when the day has … Read more

Nanna Wobble

What is it about sagging arms. My mum, my bubba, me. Sugar gliders, wings of flesh, that hang under the arms and are soft and perfect to play with. My mother had a comfortable, soft set, of two . That is until she got cancer and they removed her lymph nodes. We found out later … Read more


The lawn looked as smooth as a billiard table until the petals started falling off the Tulip tree. But thats ok, the apple blossom is out on one tree and the other two are bursting their buds. The pink azalea is resplendent next to the sage, rosemary, thyme and parsley. Which have all profited from … Read more