Deer Park Cafe

Now the thing about a blog is that it’s personal, owned by you. Written by you, for you and for whoever wants to be associated with you. I’ve been blogging for about ten or so years, and I’m still none the wiser in how to make more people see what I write. I’m in and … Read more

Auntie Beeb

So now we are witnessing the outing of well paid BBC players. Outed by politicians who own companies worth millions, outed by dispassionate hard hearts who have always bleated on about the BBC being biased. Outed by a government that has as much decency as an evangelical pastor who has been outed by a self-serving … Read more

Coccyx sucker

It’s raining. The kale, broccoli, cauliflower and runner beans are loving it. The raspberries are shrivelled and the strawberries have a little life left. I am, officially, theeee most boring woman in the world. I’ve been doing my yoga, and walking. I’ve been doing my hoeing and mowing. I’ve been mediating and chilling and then … Read more