printer problems

so the printer died.
I bought a new one.
It has totally screwed my computer settings and the geezer who sold it to me has still not arrived to set it up. After a night in A&E with nosebleeds, that’s the IT consultant not the computer, my new printer depends on his recovery. I hope he gets well soon.
I have a brand new printer and only half a computer working.
It may be more or less than a half, who knows I am a technophobe with no understanding of rams, gigabytes or newts.
My husband is having a lovely time in Leeds. My friends are scattered all over the United Kingdom. All the young people in my life now have their own agendas. So I have to rely on a man with a dodgy nasal cavity to put me back on track.
The cats skirt around each other.
The lawn is growing.
The roses flowering.
Me, well I’m printless and a darker shade of blue.