Late for a very important date

Ain’t it the way.
Went to bed at 10.00 last night. Fell asleep almost immediately.
Woke up at 11.58.
Fell asleep almost immediately.
Woke up at 5.00
Fell asleep nearly immediately.
Woke up at 7.28 and I had overslept.
I was in some kind of stupor.
Turned my phone on to make sure the driver in the light blue car was still waiting at the gate. He was.
After a brief ablute I found underwear that was appropriate for leggings that turned out to make me look like a shrunken gym teacher and a t-shirt that gave me the air of a the head girl in a Catholic Girls School.
Why Catholic?
Because the t-shirt was the green of the Emerald Isle, I know their are different religions in Ireland but…..
Grabbed a mac and put on my Mac Red lippy.
Dashed downstairs and the ex bus-driver said he knew where he was going as he used to drive the 170 bus route.
Like L he did.
I arrived fifteen minutes later than normal but it was all aok.

The lovely Esther was involved in a car smash this morning. A banker – yes I said banker – drove through a junction at 6.15a.m. smelling of late nights and Mercedes Benz Oil.
He whisked swiftly past Esther who drove into the side of his car. His car was bruised her little car was smashed to smithereens. If it hadn’t been for her air bag I wouldn’t be writing this now.
Poor Esther looked like she had been in a car crash when I arrived. She left as the RAC were going to take her and her wreckage home. The hospital have said her swollen wrist is not damaged but she is black and blue Thank Heavens she is still in one piece.
We were so looking forward to working with each other as we haven’t touched base for two weeks, however Anna O’Neil, Rebecca, Amy, Sarah and Sami pulled off the show with me. Thank you.
We had the ever fragrant Luke Doonan who talked about conscientious estate agents – an oxymoron I hear you shout – Alan Coxon talking about him and his ancient concoxtions. Dr. Max Pemberton, a swell young man, who talked about A&E and his love of humanity, not to mention our need to be vocal if we want to save our hospitals.
Then I had the glorious Bucks Fizz as guests. Billy Reeves, our Eurovision expert talked to them and me and then Cheryl, Mark and Jay entertained us. They deserve all the success they are about to get again. Honestly I have never ever thought about whether I liked their music or not but I really like them.
Okay, it’s official I LOVE THEM….
I walked to Piccadilly grabbed the 38 to Victoria then took the 170 to the flat and settled down to do some work at 2.30.
Lots of you want to know how I choose the music for the show. I have a play list but I also try and find toons that were relevant on the day of broadcast. So today, May 8th, we had ‘Let It Be’ from the Beatles, ‘September’ from ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ and something else which escapes my fuddled mind.
It’s fuddled because it’s my second day without coffee, my decaffeinated head is heavy with remorse….
Thank you all for listening and participating, next week we have a movie type show with Nigel Smith, a film writer, Robin Ellis, THE POLDARK, and lots more, one more thing;
My condolences to Big George’s family and friends. He shall be hugely missed.