11.30 – 12.30 saw me writing you a very funny blog when the machine massacred it.
I’m meant to be on holiday so I shouldn’t let it annoy me but it has so, rather than spend another full hour trying re-write what I deemed to be THE BEST BLOG EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGGINGS, I will just inform you that I am having a week out.
Friday saw me lolling in front of the telly, Saturday saw me at ‘The Young Vic’ being loyal to the husband in his last perf. as ‘Pineapple’ in Uncle ‘Vanya, Sunday saw me eating the BIGGEST breakfast ever made and going to a ‘NIGEL IS NOT DEAD PARTY’ in Gloucester Road. Monday saw me having a facial and doing a voice over in Soho and today sees me recouperating with a cuppa of coffee.
My broken blog was all detailed about walking to Gloucester Road, meeting an old friend,crying at Enid Blyrton and going to bed too late.
But it’s nearly lunch time and I haven’t eaten yet, the old git has just got out of the shower so we’ll eat, I will stroll out into the garden in my pj’s, thats me not the lawn, gather up the apples, buy a new light switch for the kitchen so we can sit in dimmed illumination and lay a fire. Ain’t that what holidays are about – INDOLLGENTS.