And so its Wednesday already.
I am writing this in bed on my tiny little laptop.It’s nearly the top of the hour, the weather forecast tells us that its coooler and fresher, a chilly night tonight, it feels like Autumn is upon us. The Green shoots of recovery have bypassed me, if there are green shoots poking through then sure as apples is apples they’re hidden from me, the weeds of debt are casting rather a large shadow over the sprouting money trees. Don’t you love those succulents, always found in the windows of your favourite Chinese takeaways.
I’m interviewing the very lovely Beverly Knight today so I’d better get my glad rags on.
Tonight Mr.Muruzzi will lay me down, put an electric current on my lower back and some ultra sound on my neck thus giving me freedom of movement, all necessary if I am to take my job of Godmother seriously. Little Octavia was delivered ino this world yesterday morning. Octavia, number eight grandchild, is doing well as is Polly Padley.
The hope ws that she would be arriving today 9.9.9, but since many Armmaggedonists thought today was the end of the world I’m delighted that Octavia decided to pitch up a day early.
I’m off now to dress for Beverly, red or white? You’re right go with the dungarees……