To party or not to party

My eye was glued together when I woke up.
Now it could be an eye-lash ( or ash-leye as Bee used to call it) or my insomnia.
Whatever it is I woke up this morning in a fowl temper.
Jim had decamped to the spare room – he’s dangerously close to opening night – so I woke alone and gummed up.

Meditated, researched, ate some nuts then took the easy option. The 170 bus to Victoria, tube to Oxford Street and the walk through Soho.
I got money out of a hole in the wall and promptly spent it on two boxes of Japanese cakes that look like jewels, all in preparation for our Obamabash this evening.
The show shot past and I was given a car to get me back to the flat in time to shop and prepare for an evening of Presidential celebration. In the event the car was late.
I arrived just in time to see Aretha in her sparkly hat sing ‘God Save The ….’ B and Nathan arrived. No one else turned up. All still working, or otherwise engaged. I didn’t care but I think the daughter may have wanted some sort of party. She’ll have to wait until 28th of March.
The ‘oosbind arrived, eye liner and mascara in tact still wearing his lenses,he was just in time to see the last speech. I kissed him and my lipstick completed his make-up.
Bee and Nathan slumped off, we called up the absent guests to say the party was cancelled, they were all relieved. Then James and I opened the biscuit casket and Jim dipped into the lemon jewel.
It’s now 18.40. I have ten new books to read for work, a new literay agent who I love, and a black president in the US to make me think that HOPE really is on the agenda.
I couldn’t help but be ever so slightly manic on the show – it felt like Christmas.
I bet tomorrow will feel anti-climatic and grey. I’ll have to work against it.
Have a good night – I am trying to discipline myself. When Jim goes on tour it’ll be much easier. When I have to make a choice between cuddling him or writing me blog I think you know who wins out.
cu2morrer. ( careful I’ve just committed myself)/