Pillow Talk

On Saturday I made beef stew with horseradish dumplings, buttery cabbage and celeriac mash for seven of us.
We had apple crumble made with the apples from our garden.
There was not one crumb left. The satisfaction of the perfect quanitity.
We have 3 apple trees they have all done well this year. Some of the remaining apples are as big as melons.
On Sunday morning I made scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh coffee. The table was laid with smoked salmon, cream cheese, bagels and creamy butter.
There was not one crumb left. The double satisfaction of two meals completed.
By 11.30 my 5 guests had gone.
I drove to the garden centre and bought bits for the balcony in battersea.
Then Jim and I drove up separately to see Sarah Silverman at the Hammersmith Apollo.
She was dreadful.
Truly awful.
3,500 people didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Jim left for home this morning.
I did not sleep well last night. The weekend had come and gone and I needed more green-leaf time.
So now, by way of recovery I am going to bed.
I will be back on form tomorrow.
Onwards and upwards eh?