St. David’s Day

Well, pinch, punch, first day of the month and all that. GFL was really good today.

My editor came into make-up and we agreed that we wouldn’t make a big number about the show coming off air, but it is hard, especially when we’re having fun. We all wore a jacket, shirt and red tie and had a little paper leek pinned to our lapels. Martin Blunos made wickedly tasty leek and potato pancakes with fried bacon and sage drizzled over the top. Lots of butter went into it, so it was creamy and delicious.

Bryn Williams made his nan’s Lobscouse: lamb stew – root vegetables and lamb cooked real slow until the potatoes crumbled and thickened the gravy. We dedicated it to his 90 year old nan who used to make it for all the farm workers on her farm. The crew finished it off.

Chris George brought in a selection of Welsh cheese which he matched with Welsh beers, all dark and chewy and utterly unctuous. You’d have to go to UKTV Food to get all the details.

Helen Lederer was on. She’s about to appear in a play at The New End Theatre in Hampstead. But the most surprising fact about Ms L. is that she has just taken an exam in wine tasting, and passed.

One in four of us is a super taster, which means we can identify flavours and aromas better than the other three idiots sitting next to us. I want to learn about wine. I’m not a drinker but I really fancy doing something with my nose, other than browning it. (Well, I do work in TV and that’s the only way to get on.) I like the idea of understanding the different notes in a smell.

And then the delectable Mr. Ed Baines made us rhubarb crumble and Bakewell pud. Apparently there’s a secret ingredient that is put into the pudding, probably dating from 1860, which makes it so delicious. Ed revealed the secret as being marzipan. Then he got all passionate about buying Danish marzipan – he says it’s the best in the world. So, if you go to Copenhagen you’ll know what to do.

I now feel all snoozy and tired after all the cream and crumble but I haven’t even told you about Bluno’s Bara Brith. It’s speckled bread you can find in a good bakers. Cut two slices, spread them with butter and raspberry jam, then make them into a sandwich. Next, beat up an egg into your bara brith and fry in clarified butter until you’ve got that lovely squashy eggy bread consistency. Lay a table with paper doilies, tea cups and saucers plus a pot of real tea then sit and ruminate on just how lucky we are to be able to indulge ourselves. It’s the ‘bread of Heaven’ and even though Wales are bottom in the Rugby six Nations, a good time was had by all.